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Quarter of iPad owners keep their tablet housebound

by Sarah Griffiths on 13 August 2010, 15:41

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Over a quarter of iPad owners ‘never' take their tablet outside their home, while most protective users choose to read newspapers and books on it over e-readers and print copies.

More than half of iPad owners ‘rarely' or ‘never' take their shiny tablet outside their home, despite its portable qualities, according to a survey by copywriters Cooper Murphy Webb. The firm questioned 1,034 people to find out how they use the device.

Despite most devices remaining housebound, the survey found almost one third of iPad owners now prefer to read magazines and newspapers on their tablet, while a quarter rather stick to good old print versions. 

Interestingly, one in four iPad owners would still rather read papers and magazines on their computer, while 7 percent remain attached to their e-readers and 12 percent of those surveyed read magazines and papers on their mobiles. 

According to the poll, the picture is slightly different for reading books, but what remains clear is the e-reader loses out again with just 7 percent of people saying an e-reader is their preferred device for getting stuck into a novel, perhaps confirming fears the medium will lose out to the tablet.

Print came a very close second to the iPad in terms of people's favourite book reading choice, as 41 percent said the iPad was their preferred reading tool, with 36 percent opting for print. A measly 12 percent of iPad owners said they would rather read a book on a computer and 4 percent on a mobile.

The iPad loses out to computers among iPad owners when it comes to web browsing, with 38 percent selecting it as their number one internet-friendly device. Around 55 percent said they would rather use their computer to surf the net, while 12 percent said their mobile was their browsing tool of choice.

Interestingly, it would appear iPad users are also fans of casual gaming with 37 percent preferring to play on their tablet, compared to 35% sticking to their console. Just over one in five iPad owners would rather game on their PC, with 6 percent using their mobile.

With multiple uses for the tablet, it perhaps comes as no surprise that almost half of iPad users are glued to their shiny friend for over ten hours per week. Around 15 percent of hardcore owners use their device for over 20 hours and 28 percent between 10 and 20 hours per week, while 17 percent are very light users, playing with their tablet for less than two hours per week.

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News - Quarters of iPad owners keep their tablet housebound
How many Quarters though?

Oh, and that link above doesn't go anywhere :)
Oh, and that link above doesn't go anywhere :)

Sorted now, thanks.
Mine's not been anywhere except home and work, yet.

I've not had chance or desire to use it whilst sitting in a Starbuck's wearing a polo neck,* either. I'd keep a tight grip on my iPad if I were in a public place, on the train etc. as they are eminently nickable.

So far, it's mainly been used for browsing at home and reading some ebooks and I've found myself playing games on it (particularly air hockey and snooker.)

*and trousers of some sort.
I'm interested in a tablet - but I too would use it (probably) just at home. I've always thought the ipad was too heavy and that a half-the-battery-lighter one would suit me better. Oh, and it'd needs to run android or windows 7. So er.. not an ipad :)
Well you've not got long to wait by the sound of it! :)

The old iPad is definitely heavier than I thought it would be but the majority of the weight lies in the battery apparently and the run time is worth it (I'm fairly chunky with strong wrists - make of that what you will - so the weight issue isn't too bad for me.)

I never thought I'd go Mac for anything, TBH but I'm really enjoying the iPad so far. :)