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iPhone 4 tipped for refresh in early 2011

by Sarah Griffiths on 5 August 2010, 14:40

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Rumour roulette?

Apple is tipped to be preparing for a busy 2011, as rumours of a new 7 inch iPad and iPhone refresh abound.

According to an anonymous source, unofficial Apple blog ipodnn reported the company is putting the finishing touches to a smaller iPad with a 7 inch screen instead of the current model's 9.7 inch LCD screen. Apple has been rumoured to be developing the product since 2007 but is now believed to be planning on releasing it late this year or in early 2011.

In a controversial move, Apple also reportedly plans to refresh its iPhone in January to deal with ‘antennagate' issues, although it is not expected to make any major changes. However, in the past the firm has saved upgrades for the months of June and July.

The blog also said Apple is working on rolling out cheaper iPhone 4 bumper cases from September, to remedy the current model's reception issues.

The new version is reportedly made completely of silicon instead of using a mix of silicon and pricier hard plastic. It is believed the company had contemplated giving away free bumper cases at launch, before deciding to risk selling the iPhone 4 with its metal antenna exposed.

However, Apple is tipped to premiere a new clutch of iPods before any other launch. The new models are rumoured to be ready by the close of August and are traditionally launched in September. Apple will reportedly unveil a new Nano and Touch as well as a mystery third iPod, which could be a Shuffle with a tiny touchscreen. 

Whether there is any truth in the rumours remains to be seen.


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Makes sense - for one there's the crappy antennae problem and for two android phones are pushing up the specs are a remarkable rate (and even more so soon if rumours are to be believed). Apple's days of a yearly update are probably gone - it's far too long in the current market where new phones arrive seemingly each month.

The iPad will probably see similar competition with manus finally starting roll out tablets late in the year.

It's good stuff - If Apple are kept on their toes then they'll have to innovate rather than evolve which can only mean better gizmos for us punters.
It's good stuff - If Apple are kept on their toes then they'll have to innovate rather than evolve which can only mean better gizmos for us punters.
It will hurt them as well. Higher development costs as they won't have to shoot for a single handset a year, higher marketing costs, less anticipation and build up for the next revision. They aren't going to get that massive all media event with people standing in line for hours just to get the latest and greatest to nearly the same extent when people realise a newer one is going to be only a few months away.

Are Apple now going to maintain a range of hansets instead of just the headline latest version now?

Oh, and don't forget this: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apple :)
Indeed, its easy enough making your own schedule when you have either the sole, or vast majority. market position.

Once theres suitable competition, it becomes a game of one up man ship.

Of course, Apple could stick to their own schedule, but really, whatever they release would have to be truly revolutionary or spectacular each time.