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Have a Birthday in December? Not according to Android 4.2

by Alistair Lowe on 19 November 2012, 10:45

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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You'd think when making a minor update to Android, well established features with no direct relation to any higher-level changes would continue to work as intended. However, Google has demonstrated in Android 4.2 that this isn't always the case.

Users who have performed the update, typically on Nexus hardware, have begun to discover, when attempting to enter birth dates onto the People contacts app, that the month of December has miraculously disappeared.

Android 4.2 December Bug

It's not believed that this bug has been proliferated to any other apps as the error stems from a bug-fix to prevent out-of-bounds data from causing a crash within the People contacts app, which sadly conflicts with the values reported by at some point down the line, leading to a truncation of the twelfth value.

We wonder whether Google will rush out an Android 4.2.1 update or whether this is something that can be deployed via the Play store, either way, much like Apple and its long tradition of wreaking havoc on phone alarms following updates and daylight savings changes, it is clear that Android is equally exposed to the risks of functional regression.

Needless to say, if Google doesn't resolve the issue soon, Jesus is likely to be a little miffed.

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Yayyyyyy i get to stay 25 for another year!
I can get round this by breaking off friendships with people born in December. Simple.
I can get round this by breaking off friendships with people born in December. Simple.
I like your thinking, much easier than an update!! :P
Christmas is deleted? Hurrah!
And no one is angry or grabbing the pitchforks? Interesting.