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Android Ice Cream set for April unveiling

by Scott Bicheno on 22 February 2011, 18:07

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG), MIPS

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Sweet as a nut

This may not add a lot more information to what's already in the public domain, but we haven't seen it represented in such a clear cut way before.

One of the slides in the deck MIPS used to brief press at Mobile World Congress contained the table below, illustrating how MIPS chip architecture is keeping pace with new versions of Android.

But the bit that really caught our eye is the yet to be released versions of Android. The next one will be called Ice Cream, and we've seen reports placing its launch around the middle of this year. But the table below indicates the first look at Ice Cream will come as early as April.

Given that Ice Cream is effectively the next major version of Android, with Honeycomb being very much a tablet-specific version, this could well be just an extrapolation of Google's publicly-stated intention to launch a new version every six months. But then again, it could also have come directly from Google.

Note the version after Ice Cream, which will be some kind of sweet food beginning with J (Jelly? Jam? Jellybean? Please not Jello!) is expected to show an appearance around November-ish.




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Click for more from MWC 2011


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When I saw the title I actually though it was about an ice cream called Android! :O_o1:
When I saw the title I actually though it was about an ice cream called Android! :O_o1:

LOL, sorry for the ambiguity :)