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Google Maps for Android boosts local features

by Sarah Griffiths on 27 July 2010, 15:04

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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Google has revamped its Maps for Android in its sixth update in six months, by adding a Places icon allowing users to quickly look up nearby places, including business listings.

Google Maps for Android version 4.4 has a newly-laid out, easier to use Place Page which gathers information about a location or business including any phone numbers, websites, reviews and location, which some commentators believe closely resembles Yelp's Android app.

Key to the update is the Places icon, which now appears in the app launcher. It can be dragged onto a user's home page for an easily-accessible search tool for local attractions and businesses.  It also gives a list of all the nearest places with more information available on the Place Page. 

Instead of searching for a specific local amenity, the revamped app also lets users search for several types of places with default categories as well as enabling people to add their own. 

The updated Place Pages now boasts information such as prices, parking and menu links as well as the usual photos and reviews, while the search facility automatically lists opening hours as well as directions and distance. 

Google Maps for mobile 4.4. is compatible with phones using Android 1.6 and above, while the Place Page features will be available to Blackberry users ‘soon'. 

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Yep, got my upgrade (Sony X10/Three network) this morning. Don't use it much myself (because I couldn't get turn-by-turn navigation working) but it does appear to be noticeably faster than the previous version. :D

Looking forward to the update when I get home.

I tried Googles turn by turn the other day for the first time. I'm impressed! So much so that I think my better half will get the JVC satnav in her car when I swap her stereo out.
I've updated mine last night and there is a few issues with the nearby places application it also includes.

I checked it this morning for local ATM machines and it did not list any of the banks in Walkden at all, but gave a list of cash points in Manchester town centre, Rusholme and even Bolton. I expect that it is still WIP and ongoing, so it will be awesome once it's all fully populated with everything :)