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Google’s Nexus One may only have sold 20,000 in first week

by Scott Bicheno on 14 January 2010, 13:06

Tags: Google (NASDAQ:GOOG)

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One of the odd things about visiting a huge technology show like CES is that whatever was a big deal one day, seems like old hat a few days later.

When we wrote about the launch of Google's own-branded phone, made by HTC  to showcase the best of Android, it looked like Google's decision to enter the phone market and create its own direct sales channel would really shake things up.

That still may eventually be the case, but judging by estimates of the first week's sales from smartphone applications analysts Flurry, things have got off to a slow start.

Flurry used the data it gathers from tracking Android and iPhone applications to come up with an estimate of the first week's sales of the Nexus One and compare them to a couple of other recent Android smartphone launches: the myTouch and the DROID, as well as the iPhone 3G.

As you can see from the table below, the Nexus One doesn't measure-up to well. The iPhone one doesn't really count as it encompasses multiple countries but, for some reason, even other Android phone launches seem to be eclipsing Google's own effort.

Flurry speculates that, with the Nexus One being merely a good Android phone, the lack of ‘wow factor' could be a contributor to the disappointing sales. Also, Google didn't have a great big above-the-line advertising campaign, relying more on hype and viral marketing.

There's also the SIM-free approach. While Google claims to be doing everyone a favour by making them independent of specific phone carriers, the fact still remains that you still need a phone contract. So perhaps the SIM-free option isn't as popular as Google assumed it would be.


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For me paying £400+ up front doesn't really appeal after an rather expensive Xmas.
I reckon the numbers would of been much higher if the phone was available directly from phone operators on monthly plans.
I guess the takeup will increase massively when operators do pick it up.

I'd certainly have one if T-mobile start offering them. Maybe a lesson to learn for the Nexus Two?
the droid being so good and not all that long ago probably hasn't helped
There's also the SIM-free approach.

For me, that's got to be the overwhelming point. I know the US market is different and there is less subsidisation over there, but here, even if you buy the phone yourself, it is still quite difficult to get a decent tariff that takes that into account.

SIM free prices for these top smartphones are what, £400+. Over an 18 month contract you'd need to save £20pm on the tariff to make it worthwhile going sim free. When I've looked at contracts or even PAYG with decent data allowances, you can't get them £20 cheaper than the contracts with a “free” phone.
You need to also take into consideration it would appear that big chunk of those people are having problems with the Nexus one, and are being directed from Google to T-Mobile to HTC, i would think that has its repercussions as well.
I am going to wait until the Nexus 7 comes out as it should be more stable and last longer!! :p