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ASUS unveils the TransKeyboard for Windows and Android tabs

by Mark Tyson on 8 November 2013, 11:08

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ASUS has unveiled the TransKeyboard, an essential productivity accessory for your Windows or Android tablet. The ultra-slim and lightweight Bluetooth keyboard, stand and cover is compatible with phablets and tablets; that’s a device between 5 and 10-inches in screen diagonal. It’s magnetically stabilised origami-style quick-fold design can have you inputting text on your ideally angled and positioned tablet within seconds.

The TransKeyboard is a cover, stand and a wireless keyboard in one unit. The ullta-slim and light design will thus be a great carry along complement for your tablet. The construction is said to be durable and utilises a microfiber surface to protect your screen. This Bluetooth 3.0 QWERTY keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Android regular shaped tablets produced by any manufacturer, not just ASUS products.

ASUS boasts that it’s TransKeyboard’s flexible folding design has magnets to fasten and secure your tablet and position it at “the perfect angle to compose emails, browse the web, or chat online,” within seconds. This typing accessory is charged via a MicroUSB port on its left side, near and on/off switch.

The official specs reveal that the TransKeyboard weighs 246 grams, and measures 26(L) x 13(W) x 1(H) cm. Unfortunately at the time of writing we don’t have pricing or availability information for the TransKeyboard.

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it looks way wider than a nexus7 why would you want to use it as a case? Portability lost….
Battery life? I'd have thought that was something people would want to know…
“The TransKeyboard is a cover, stand and a wireless keyboard in one unit”

No it's not. It's a keyboard, keyboard cover and stand in one unit. If you're going to just funnel press releases through quickly then at least spend a few seconds understanding what the product actually is.

Also they say they support Android and Windows but it's a standard bluetooth keyboard so either they're doing something very non-standard (and this avoid it!) or it will work on iOS, OSX, Linux etc too.
do want :)

That is, as Jenny says, as long as they're using standard HID over bluetooth profiles, and not something obscure. Been on the lookout for a physical keyboard that I could use on my playbook and transfer over when I get a new Win 8 tablet for a while. Ideally I'd like a device with a sliding keyboard, but failing that this looks ideal…