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Cooler Master launches the REN stand for iPad and iPad mini

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Venlo, the Netherlands August 6th, 2013 - Cooler Master launches the REN today, which is our newest aluminum stand with a special feature. Next to the usual viewing angles the REN can also be hung on different surfaces allowing for even more viewing options.


The REN's design is inspired by the Chinese character Rén "ń║║" which stands for "person". With that idea in mind we created the REN to fit the needs of iPad and iPad mini users. With its easy slide-and-lock mechanism it's an ease to use the REN with an iPad or iPad mini. A button on the back of the REN unlocks the mechanism and releases the device.
Due to the REN being mainly made out of high-grade aluminum with black finishes it meets the look of the iPad and iPad mini. Thanks to a rubber inlay, the iPad or iPad mini won't be scratched by the REN.

Stand it, Clip it, Hang it

When using the REN your iPad or iPad mini gains additional viewing positions as the stand can be rotated and the angle can be changed. This allows for different angles to use FaceTime, view videos and websites, but also to get a better typing angle when chatting or taking notes. On top of that the REN can be hung on a hook due to a cutout in the stand. This cutout also functions as a lock for the two clips that come with the REN. These clips add an additional option which makes the REN stand out of the crowd. With the clips the REN can be hung on shelves, cabinet doors and other similar objects in order to give you that extra flexibility and usability you want for your iPad or iPad mini. The REN makes it easy to view step-by-step cooking videos, watch a movie while relaxing in your tub, take notes in an ergonomic way and tons of other locations and situations.

The recommended MSRP of the REN is €59,99 or £49,99. It will be available in August 2013. This release applies only to Europe. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.         

Product link: http://www.coolermaster-mobile.com/ipad/ren.

Dedicated website for Mobile products

Cooler Master launched a dedicated website for its mobile accessories. Cooler Master Mobile will be using this website to inform people on all their new and future products. In addition people will be able to stay up to date of their new and upcoming products. http://www.coolermaster-mobile.com.

About Cooler Master Mobile

Cooler Master took a step in a new direction by expanding their product range towards mobile accessories. By combining design and high quality materials like carbon fiber and aluminum Cooler Master Mobile wants to focus on creating exclusive products for the mobile market such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks. For more information on Cooler Master Mobile, please visit www.coolermaster-mobile.com.