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Pong Research Case Protects You and Your iPad Mini

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Pong patented technology reduces your exposure to wireless radiation, maximises your 4G performance, improves your Wi-Fi reception and battery life

London, UK. - 12th February 2013 - Pong Research Corporation today releases its new case for the Apple iPad Mini® that significantly reduces exposure to potentially harmful wireless radiation. The Pong® iPad Mini® case is the only case that diffuses radiation away from the body while also improving signal strength compared to all other cases.
"The iPad Mini may be smaller than the standard iPad, but like any wireless devices, the iPad Mini emits electromagnetic radiation when communicating with cell towers or Wi-Fi routers." said Todd DeYoung, CEO, Pong Research. "Adding any typical third-party case can potentially trigger the device's human proximity sensor even when the iPad Mini is not close to the user's body, and can result in significantly reduced signal strength. Only Pong's iPad Mini case protects the user from wireless radiation and enables the iPad Mini to perform as Apple has designed it to."

In order to comply with the FCC's wireless radiation exposure safety limits, Apple®engineered the iPad Mini to include a human body sensor that limits the device's cellular antenna power whenever it gets close to the human body. This sensor cannot discern a human body from any other solid object, so adding a typical third-party case triggers the sensor even if the user is holding the device away from the body at arm's length. This results in reduced mobile signal strength and slower upload speeds.
The Pong iPad Mini case is uniquely engineered to be compatible with the device's human body sensor. Like all Pong Research smartphone and iPad cases, the Pong iPad Mini case incorporates a micro-thin antenna that electromagnetically couples with the device's internal antennas. It does not shield against or absorb the wireless radiation; rather it redirects and redistributes the radiation away from the user.
The Pong iPad Mini case:

  • Reduces your exposure to mobile radiation by up to 91 percent below the international safety limit
  • Reduces exposure to Wi-Fi radiation by up to 82 percent
  • Boosts 4G signal strength by up to 13.2X compared to any other case.
  • Extends LTE range by up to 3.6X compared to any other case.
  • Accelerates upload speeds by up to 5X compared to any other case.
  • Enhances Wi-Fi reception by up to 2.2X
  • Extends Wi-Fi range by up to 1.5X 

Proven Technology

Pong rigorously tests its cases in its two internal test labs. All products are tested for SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) and TRP (Total Radiated Power) on all frequencies on which the mobile device operates worldwide. Two independent labs, CETECOM and RF Exposure Labs, both accredited as Telecommunications Certification Bodies with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and able to issue FCC equipment authorisation approvals, verify Pong's internal testing results. CETECOM and RF Exposure Labs regularly perform SAR measurements according to U.S., Canadian, European, and Australian standards for mobile devices.
"Given growing scientific evidence and concerns on the potential health risks of wireless radiation, Pong believes that it would be prudent for wireless device users to adopt the ‘precautionary principle' in practice," said DeYoung. "Pong recommends users take preventive and pro-active approaches, such as using a protective Pong case for your mobile device to protect you and your loved ones from potentially harmful cellular and Wi-Fi radiation."
Pricing and Availability

The stylish Pong iPad Mini case protects the screen and the back of the device, and features a plush nano-liner interior. Available in red or black, the durable leather look and feel cover contains automatic sleep/wake technology and the unique origami cover folds into multiple configurations ideal for typing, browsing or watching videos. This case works with all versions of the iPad Mini: Wi-Fi only (model A1432) and Wi-Fi + Cellular (models A1454 & A1455). The Pong iPad mini case costs £84.00 For more information and to purchase, visit www.pongresearch.com.
About Pong Research

Pong Research Corporation is the world's first and only maker of technologically-advanced iPad and smartphone cases that improve device performance and protect users against potentially harmful cellular and Wi-Fi radiation.  Independently certified laboratories have proven that Pong's cell phone cases substantially reduce users' exposure to cell phone radiation, while optimising signal strength and conserving battery life. Most consumers will experience radiation exposure at levels less than 95 percent below the FCC limit during typical usage of wireless devices covered by Pong cases. Compared to other cases, Pong's iPad cases not only reduce cellular and Wi-Fi radiation exposure but also improve mobile signal strength by up to 10X, increase range, improve Wi-Fi reception, and facilitate faster upload speeds. Developed by a team of PhD scientists trained at University of Manchester (UK), MIT, Princeton, Harvard and UCLA, all Pong cases are embedded with a multi-patented, ultra-thin flexible printed circuit board antenna that redirects and diffuses the electromagnetic radiation that would otherwise be absorbed by the user's head and body. For more information, visit www.pongresearch.com.