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Cooler Master Wake Up Folio mini Case for iPad mini

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Venlo, the Netherlands January 29th, 2013 - Cooler Master launches the Wake Up Folio mini for the iPad mini today, which is our first folio made for the iPad mini. With its full cover with carbon texture it protects both the back as well as the display of the iPad mini in style.

Size doesn't matter

Although the smaller size, the impression the iPad mini makes is massive. Such a device needs proper protection, since owners wouldn't like scratches on their device. This is where the Wake Up Folio mini comes in play. With its inlay it protects the back of the iPad mini in every situation. The folio protects the display when closed and functions as a stand when opened. Due to the carbon texture, the Wake Up Folio mini has a great sophisticated look and feel which adds to the visual value.

Wake Up Folio mini

Like stated previously, the Wake Up Folio mini doesn't only provide protection, but also adds functionality. Thanks to the foldable folio, the Wake Up Folio mini also provides a stand function to the iPad mini. The folio can be folded in two different ways which adds three different angles of use to your iPad mini. One for typing purposes and two for viewing with a higher angle. 

In addition to these functions the Wake Up Folio mini also has a smart cover included; Upon opening or closing, the iPad mini reacts accordingly. When opened the iPad mini turns on and when closed the device goes into standby mode. All these extra's are added with the functionality and connections bared in mind. Letting the Wake Up Folio mini protect your iPad mini still give you full access to all the connections and ports of your device.

Protection and functionality comes in three different colors: Midnight Black, Silver White and Golden Bronze.

The recommended MSRP of the Wake Up Folio mini is £29,99 and it will be available from the beginning of February. This release applies only to Europe. Please consult your local Cooler Master Representative for more information.

Wake Up Folio mini: http://www.coolermaster-mobile.com/ipad/wake-up-folio-mini.

Dedicated website for Mobile products

Cooler Master launched a dedicated website for its mobile accessories. Cooler Master Mobile will be using this website to inform people on all their new and future products. In addition people will be able to stay up to date of their new and upcoming products. http://www.coolermaster-mobile.com.

About Cooler Master Mobile

Cooler Master took a step in a new direction by expanding their product range towards mobile accessories. By combining design and high quality materials like carbon fiber and aluminum Cooler Master Mobile wants to focus on creating exclusive products for the mobile market such as smartphones, tablets and notebooks. For more information on Cooler Master Mobile, please visit www.coolermaster-mobile.com.