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NUU notches up new iPad key cases for the home run

Tags: NUU, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Stylish, secure and sophisticated are what the new collection of NUU iPad cases and accessories bring to the iPad. Taking the fun out of functionality and combining the two, creating a futuristic appeal that will have the new iPad literally in its grasp.

London, UK, 03rd July 2012 - NUU, a leader in providing innovations that make consumers' lives easier, has launched its new range of cases for the brand new iPad, where revolutionary designs are the default setting. The KeyCase and SoftKey case helps turn the iPad into an office essential.

At the forefront of the pack, the ‘KeyCase' makes the modern fast paced reality a breeze. Equipped with a rechargeable Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, the iPad becomes a fully functioning portable office essential that every typist has been yearning for. The synthetic leather design provides unrivalled protection that cushions the iPad whilst providing the ever stylish design that is the NUU blueprint. Priced at £79.99 and complete with stylus this is the full package, allowing for real quality work on the move with a tablet like never before.

Further forward thinking is apparent with the ‘SoftKey' which combines the power and functionality of the ‘KeyCase' with a light weight design. Boasting spill-resistant silicone keys and a boutique design, this enables complete portability like no case before. Retailing at £59.99 the case provides an all round package which would see complete protection and ooze style as standard.

Creative innovators NUU allow the flexibility the iPad provides to become more permanent with the ‘FlipCase'. This is a genuine leather case that offers complete protection of the device. Constructed from genuine leather the unique design allows 10 viewing angles in landscape for continued ease of use - whatever the task. Durability and strength are consistent features of the ‘FlipCase's' magnetic closure function, the security of the device is never in danger. Easy handling is standard with the hand strap at the back of the case, at £39.99 the hearty ‘FlipCase' provides the everlasting protection and peace of mind any serious user would crave.   

The ‘iPad 3' collection doesn't stop there and also consists of the sleek ‘PropFolio' which allows you to carry, protect and view the iPad in style. With its minimalist design and construction allowing easy fold away into a dual angle stand that would withstand the harshest of users. With a price tag of £39.99 the ‘PropFolio' is the best of friends with any user that demands sizzling looks and quality.

If it's fresh and funky you're after then the ‘BaseCase' is just perfect. Coming in an array of colours including simple and sexy black; crisp professional white and breezy sky blue with princess pink to boot. At £19.99 the scratch resistant rubberised texture combines protection with pro-fashion. Simply the perfect accessory for any user who wants extra peace of mind, without compromising the look or usability of the device.


For further information on the availability of any of the NUU ‘iPad 3' accessories please visit

NUU Philosophy

NUU, we're a tight-knit team devoted to the iPhone and iPad. We use them every day and love the way they look and function, but we sometimes think it would be great if we could do more or improve on the user experience. Our goal is to make well-designed products that provide this convenience and extra functionality to our fellow iPhone and iPad fanatics.

We want to help you solve whatever issues you may encounter when using your iPhone or iPad, no matter if they're big or small. If you've ever wished you could have a solution to a certain problem, it's likely that we've already thought of it and are already working on the ideal product for you.