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Case closed: Ranieri’s clients showcase some of the most fashionable cases for Apple’s new iPad

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London, UK, 8th March 2012 - With Apple's new iPad being one of the most anticipated devices of 2012, Ranieri Communications presents an ultimate range of functional and eye-catching cases allowing users to protect and enhance the pleasure of using the device whilst at home, travelling or in an office.

Incipio Smart Feather (compatible with Apple's Smart cover)

£TBC l Available from Storm Front retail stores and

Designed to fit with Apple's Smart cover, Incipio's sleek and ultra-light Smart Feather for Apple's new iPad maintains form and functionality while protecting it from dents and scratches.  The soft-touch matte finish creates a smooth layer and wards off dust, dirt and scratches to the back of the iPad.  The Smart Feather features convenient access to all ports and buttons, whilst large cut-outs allow for easy access to volume controls.  Available in a range of colours, such as black, grey, light blue, navy, lime, pink, red and white/cream.  

Twelve South BookBook

£69.99 l Available from and

The BookBook case for is a handmade, hardback case that doubles as a fully adjustable stand. Designed to keep the new iPad safe and secure whilst on the go, each BookBook provides users with a unique leather accessory that resembles a vintage book. A beautiful exterior is mirrored by an equally luxurious soft, velvety, dark chocolate interior frame that cushions the iPad and protects the screen from scratches. Two supple leather corners and an elastic band edge hold the tablet firmly in place and reduce the risk of accidental breakage. Additional decorative pieces, such as the button and tassel, can also be used to add extra functionality to the BookBook. By simply connecting the two components and adjusting the length of the tassel, users can transform the BookBook into a fully-adjustable, hands-free stand that can be customised to accommodate an infinate number of viewing angles which is perfect for comfortable movie watching, typing or reading.

Available in a range of two colours, dark brown/black and a vibrant brown/red, the BookBook retails for £69.99 and is available from and

Maroo Nylon range

£49 l Available from

These highly fashionable and eye-catching iPad cases all feature Maroo's patent-pending Secure Guard (SG) BumperTM Technology, which not only protects the Apple tablet when it is dropped, but also protects the corners of the device from bumps and knocks. The striking cases feature multiple viewing angles, providing the perfect position for typing and movie-watching. To complement the SG Bumper Technology, each case has a scratch-free, suede interior to protect the iPad's screen.  Fashionistas will also benefit from smart magnet functionality that will ‘wake' or ‘sleep' the Apple device when the case is opened and closed. Each case has a cut-out for the camera on the back of the device and a secure chassis design to ensure there is full access to all controls and ports.

Available in 11 designs, each case in the Nylon range retails for £49 and is available from

Pipetto HunterWanderer 

£99.99 l Available from

The HunterWanderer is a protective case for the modern wanderer who uses the iPad in the car, on the train, at the coffee shop or at work.  Made using carefully selected, classic British wax cotton and traditional tartan lining, the HunterWanderer is a water-resistant, low profile, protective case which features internal technology to extend the new iPad's battery, (sleep/awake mode - just like Apple's Smart covers). Cleverly designed to allow up to six different functionalities/viewing angles, Pipetto's HunterWanderer attributes include an innovative (and patent pending) extendable handle that allows the new iPad to be securely attached to a car seat headrest for watching films or working using a wireless keyboard.

Available in Forest Green and Navy, the HunterWanderer retails for £99.99 and is available from

be.ez LA robe Allure sleeve 

£24.95 l Available from

The LA robe Allure sleeve is designed with memory foam (Low Resilience Polyurethane), to protect tablets from bumps and drops. The sleeve's interior is lined with soft, high grade fleece to prevent the tablet's screen from being scratched. The stripped pattern, which echos Paul Smith's well-liked print, will ensure that users have an accessory that matches the contemporary and fashion conscious design of the new iPad.

Available in Moka, Black, Color and Red Kiss, the LA robe Allure for the new iPad retails for £24.95 and is available from

Overboard 100% water, dust and dirt resistant iPad 3 case

£34.99 l Available from

The waterproof Overboard case is the perfect accessory to accompany this year's number one sought after gadget. Compatible with Apple's new iPad, Overboard's protective case comes with a durable shoulder strap and enables full use of all touch screen controls and applications, whilst providing 100 per cent protection from water, sand and dirt. Fully submersible in water for up to six meters (19ft), it is constructed from durable TPU, and seals tight with Overboards' Slide Seal System, and once sealed, guarantees ultimate protection from the elements.