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Microsoft releases SkyDrive apps for Windows Phone and iPhone

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Today Microsoft announces the release of SkyDrive apps for Windows Phone 7.5 and iPhone. The Windows Phone app is available in every country/region where Windows Phones are offered and the iPhone app is available in 32 languages worldwide.

The release signifies continued investment into SkyDrive and follows last month's overhaul which saw improvements and new features added such as simple app centric sharing, powerful file management, HTML5 upload and other updates. With the recent release of Windows Phone 7.5 ("Mango"), Microsoft focused on deeply integrating SkyDrive into the phone itself through the Pictures and Office hubs however, the Windows Phone app adds additional functionality including tasks like browsing SkyDrive, sharing links to folders or files, deleting files, and  creating folders.

To help give people access to their personal content across different platforms and devices Microsoft is investing in HTML5-both on the web and on mobile-on http://skydrive.com.

While the support for SkyDrive on Windows Phone is extensive, Microsoft believes you should have access to your personal content no matter which device you use. Microsoft has a long history of supporting iPhone customers with built-in support for Hotmail and with apps like Bing, Messenger, OneNote (with SkyDrive sync), and now Skype. In addition to their OneNote notebooks, iPhone customers can now access all of their files in SkyDrive, create folders, delete files, and share links to folders and files directly using the Mail app.

The SkyDrive apps will allow users to:

Browse their entire SkyDrive - documents, photos, any and all their files

Users are now able to see all folders and files (of all types) which helps people share and manage their content

Share any SkyDrive folder or file with one or more people

Users can now pick a file of any type, or even a folder, and share it with as many people as they like. This uses the same "Get a link" mechanism as SkyDrive.com does and users can give view-only or view-and-edit permissions to your file for recipients.

Manage SkyDrive

Users can now organise folders and files the way they like with the SkyDrive app including the ability to create a new folder, project or photo album and delete old files or folders that they no longer need.

For further information visit the blog or contact the Microsoft media hotline on 0845 602 5628 or ukprteam@microsoft.com

The links below will take you to the Windows Phone Marketplace and/or the iTunes App Store to download the apps. Note that the apps are rolling out now and may take a few hours to be available in all countries/regions. If they're not available yet in your area, try again in a few hours.

Get SkyDrive for Windows Phone

Get SkyDrive for iPhone