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Introducing the All-New Kindle—Now Even More Affordable—Only £69

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All-new Kindle-still incredibly small and lightweight, now with faster page turns, improved fonts and parental controls-at an even lower breakthrough price point

Amazon.co.uk customers now purchase more Kindle books than print books-hardcover and paperback-combined

September 6, 2012- Kindle is the world's best-selling e-reader for five years running, and tens of millions of people around the world are already reading on Kindle. Today, Amazon.co.uk is excited to introduce the all-new Kindle-our lightest and smallest Kindle, now with new, improved fonts, faster page turns and an even more unbelievable price: £69. Find out more about the all-new Kindle at www.amazon.co.uk/kindle.

"Readers in the UK love reading on Kindle-just two years after bringing Kindle to the UK, customers are now choosing Kindle books more often than print books-hardcover and paperback combined-even as our physical book business continues to grow," said Jorrit Van der Meulen, VP Kindle, Amazon EU. "Today we are excited to introduce the new latest-generation Kindle-still incredibly small and light with all the features customers love about Kindle, including a high-contrast e-ink display that reads like real paper, with no glare, even in bright sunlight-now even faster and with new, improved fonts. Plus, we lowered the price to an amazing £69. At this incredible price we expect to see millions more readers in the UK joining the Kindle community."

The all-new Kindle uses new, improved fonts and features 15% faster page turns for an even better reading experience. Weighing just 170 grams, Kindle is small and light enough to fit easily in a pocket and take everywhere, and still features the same 6-inch electronic ink display that reads like real paper, even in bright sunlight, with no glare. At just £69, the all-new Kindle is the perfect Kindle for young and adult readers alike. 

The all-new Kindle comes with all the content and innovative features that have made Kindle the #1 best-selling e-reader in the world for five years running:

Most Advanced Electronic Ink Display

Kindle's e-ink screen looks and reads just like real paper. Kindle's screen reflects light, so you can read as easily in bright sunlight as in your living room. E-ink uses ink particles to create crisp, print-like text similar to what you see in a physical book. 

Massive Selection

The Kindle Store at Amazon.co.uk offers customers a vast selection of over one million books, including the most best sellers in the UK, plus subscriptions to hundreds of popular newspapers, magazines and blogs. Over 180,000 titles are exclusive to the Kindle Store, and over 650,000 books are priced at £3.99 or less. In addition, over one million free books, including many of the classics, are also available.  

Unparalleled Interoperability - "Buy Once, Enjoy Everywhere"

Customers can read their books on the largest number of devices and platforms, including any Kindle as well as through free Kindle Reading Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mac, PC and Windows Phone.


Amazon's Whispersync technology synchronises a customer's last page read, bookmarks and annotations across all of their devices, so they can always pick up where they left off.

Reading Features

Kindle offers a variety of font styles and sizes, so customers can easily customise their reading experience.  Plus, with improved fonts and faster page turns, reading on Kindle is better than ever. Kindle also comes with a built-in dictionary, instant lookup of words, popular highlights, Facebook and Twitter integration, Real Page Numbers, support for bookmarks and annotations and more.

Books in 60 Seconds

Find a book and start reading in seconds with our fast, free wireless delivery.  No computer required to download content.

Holds up to 1,400 Books, Plus Unlimited Storage for Kindle books with Worry-Free Archive

Kindle allows you to carry your entire library in your pocket. Plus, customers' Kindle books are automatically backed up in the cloud, so they never need to worry about losing their books.  Customers can re-download their books wirelessly anytime for free.

No Battery Anxiety - Up To One Month Battery Life

Read for up to one month on a single charge with wireless off.

No Set up Required, Simple and Easy-to-Use

Kindle comes automatically pre-registered so customers can immediately start enjoying their existing Kindle library or shop for new content, no set up required.

Parental Controls

Customers can restrict access to the Experimental Web Browser, Archived Items and the Kindle Store before giving Kindle to a child. 

The all-new Kindle is available for pre-order today and will ship on September 12th. For more information about Kindle, visit www.amazon.co.uk/kindle.

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The new latest generation Kindle, the lightest and smallest Kindle, now features new, improved fonts and faster page turns.  Kindle Fire HD is the most-advanced tablet, with a stunning customised high-definition display, exclusive Dolby audio with dual stereo speakers, high-end laptop-grade Wi-Fi with dual-band support and dual-antennas/MIMO for 40% faster throughput than other tablets, enough storage for HD content, and the latest generation processor and graphics engine-and it is available with 16GB and 32GB of on-device storage  The all-new Kindle Fire features a faster processor for 40% faster performance, twice the memory, and longer battery life. 

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