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QOTW: Will you be buying the new iPad?

by Parm Mann on 9 March 2012, 17:00

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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This is it, the new third-generation iPad. Armed with a 2,048x1,536 retina display and improved colour saturation, Apple's latest tablet claims to be 'resolutionary' and arrives at UK stores on March 16 with prices starting from £399.

There's a new five-megapixel iSight camera inside, along with an upgraded A5X processor, quad-core graphics and 4G LTE support. Battery life holds steady at 10 hours, and though the device is 0.6mm thicker than the iPad 2, this clearly is Apple's best effort to date.

But is that enough? Has the new iPad convinced you to take your first steps into tablet territory? Have you decided to upgrade from an older model? Or has the refresh left you underwhelmed? Share your thoughts in the comments below and place your vote in the HEXUS forums.

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Nope. Doesn't do a thing for me.
No No No and No

Apple FTL
Android FTW :)

Apple products are not allowed in my house its all Blackberry an Android for mobile devices
Tablets should only be prescribed by doctors. I think that sums it up quite well. I have never seen a use for a tablet for what I do. Smartphones seem to do everything I need atm :D.
Screen size aside, the iPad, and every tablet available at the moment, has feature parity with a smartphone. There's nothing that I do that would work better on a tablet than on the laptop and my smartphone I already own. Unless the university I attend & work for goes all digital next semester and insists everyone needs a tablet for textbooks, I really have no reason to consider an iPad.

Also, anyone who thinks an Android or BlackBerry tablet is so much better, it's worth mentioning that neither mobile OS on a tablet (and, in the case of Android, on a smartphone either) is supported by my university because of their lack of consistent security implementation in regards to data or network connectivity. I'm not an Apple fanboy saying, “Suck it!”; rather I'm a well-versed IT guy saying, “Calm down there, fanboy - the grown ups among you make decisions based off of reason, not our irrational feelings.”