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FT names Apple's Steve Jobs person of the year, we agree

by Scott Bicheno on 24 December 2010, 11:22

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The FT profile uses a couple of quotes that hit the nail on the head quite nicely for me "Steve's the last of the great builders," said Roger McNamee, a Silicon Valley financier. "What makes him different is that he's creating jobs and economic activity out of thin air while just about every other CEO in America is working out ways to cut costs and lay people off."

But the best was saved to last. This is an excerpt from the autobiography of John Sculley, who booted Jobs out of Apple in 1985: "Apple was supposed to become a wonderful consumer products company. This was a lunatic plan. High-tech could not be designed and sold as a consumer product." But that's exactly what Jobs has done, far better than anyone else.

There are countless studies, articles and debates about how Jobs has achieved this, and not everyone can see what all the fuss is about, but you can't argue with the results. The reason Apple sells so much kit is that it's a mainstream brand in a way no other tech brands are. In fact it's not a tech brand at all, it's a gadget brand.

There's no demographic Apple doesn't appeal to. Grandparents and grandchildren alike are as likely to own an Apple product as any card-carrying geek. And the basic message - that its products just work - rings true with the majority of people who have no interest in getting under the skin of their tech, regardless of how debatable that claim is.

There is one contradiction at the FT, however. Jobs got his accolade primarily due to the introduction of the iPad, which once more illustrated his unique ability to create and define a product category. Microsoft tried to do this with tablets for a decade and failed.

But in its ‘best gadgets of the year' feature, the FT dismisses the iPad, saying "A lighter version, with cameras and more apps that exploit this tablet's potential could make this the best gadget of 2011, but its first iteration is not compelling enough." Having said that, it still selected an Apple product - the MacBook Air, as its number one gadget.

I have to say I've felt no compulsion to buy an iPad, and have only found myself mildly curious when given the opportunity to play with one. But I seem to be in a minority, not just in the broader market but within HEXUS (*cough - David and Tarinder - cough*). And that, to me, is the genius of Steve Jobs. He makes desirable products out of the same clay as everyone else makes run-of-the-mill ones.

This unique talent was more apparent this year than ever, with the launch of the iPad, and that's why I agree that he has been more influential than Zuckerberg or Assange.


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If I had the skill to write in the same way, that's exactly what I'd have written. I don't have Apple gear due to the locked in nature of the kit but you have to admire the company for what it's achieved.
It may not “just work” - however it is definitely lower maintenance than any other computer kit.
iPod Touch/ i Phone is a distinct joy to use, and the iPad has called to me since it's arrival.

But I still don't have either.

Simple reason….one subject

If Mr Jobs went against the strength of their own market force (ie iTunes) and broke ipod Touch free from iTunes so that I could use it how I chose without having to use that software….

i'd have one and he'd not be so rich.
I have to admit I do mostly agree with the articles main points. Influence being a highly subjective word leaves me agreeing and disagreeing with your conclusion. Yes he does make a considerable contribution to the technology sector but I don't think that contribution is more important, or necessary, than Mark Zuckerberg's or Julian Assange's contribution to our culture.

Out of the three mentioned for the award I would rate them in this order:
Julian Assange
Mark Zuckerberg
Steve Jobs


Because I value honesty over anything the other two have contributed to our culture and Julian Assange is a beacon of light in terms of honesty. Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg play the game brilliantly but Julian Assange reveals the truth about the game, that is more valuable to me.
I've now sold my ipod. It was great - got 70% the price I paid - nothing else comes close. Love to know why though! No just got to get rid of an old G3 and 512Mb flash and I'm apple free - can't wait.
I've now sold my ipod. It was great - got 70% the price I paid - nothing else comes close. Love to know why though! No just got to get rid of an old G3 and 512Mb flash and I'm apple free - can't wait.

I reckon you didn't bother to read the thread title or the article itself? If so, please comment accordingly because what you said its completely off topic.