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Review: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

by Steven Williamson on 15 November 2011, 11:06 4.0

Tags: Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI)

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Replay value lies in multiplayer

The weapons in Modern Warfare 3 are a real highlight. Although the campaign can be completed without really switching weapons at all, experimentation provides a more-varied experience. For example, fire an RPG at a car to kill multiple opponents is easier than mowing them down with an AK-47. Weapons feel weighty and recoil impressively, while the smooth targeting system ensures players feel in control.

Side missions

Though the campaign does reach its conclusion fairly quickly, the replay value lies mainly in its multiplayer offerings. Spec Ops, which involves a number of side missions that can be played alone or co-operatively, is great fun. A mission may require capturing a hostage, or disarming a bomb, and every objective undertaken requires a different level of teamwork to complete.

One mission, for instance, sees one player controlling a camera armed with a turret. While he can see the enemies are coming up, the man on the ground can't. Communication, therefore, is key to reaching the end of the level without getting killed, all while rushing against the clock. Out of the whole multiplayer experience, co-op Spec Ops is a real highlight.

The main team-based multiplayer modes are still as rewarding as ever. Killstreaks, upgrades and perks combine to provide constant progression. Two new game modes: 'Kill Confirmed,' where players pick up dog-tags after each kill for points for team points, and 'Team Defender,' where you need to hold onto a flag for as long as possible while your team defends you, offer entertaining diversions from the standard game modes. It's basically the same multiplayer as MW2, albeit with these new game modes and some great new maps.

Predictable, self-indulgent, but fun

To a certain extent, Modern Warfare 3 is a totally predictable experience and therefore doesn't quite have the 'wow' factor or memorable moments that we've experienced in previous games. Nonetheless, we've still thoroughly enjoyed ploughing through the six-hour campaign with our fingers firmly on the trigger, causing total carnage. This is a self-indulgent and satisfying shooter where there's not much thought involved - you just do it, and it's made all the more exciting by the theatrical nature of the production.

Overall, Modern Warfare 3 hasn't re-written the war-gaming history books, but it has provided pretty much the experience we were expecting with more of the same from an entertaining campaign mode and comprehensive, rewarding multiplayer that is likely to keep core fans entertained for some time to come. It's quite simply a new Call Of Duty with the old experience - just as you'd expect.

The Good

Enjoyable campaign with some show-stopping moments
Weapons really pack a punch
Great Spec Ops objectives and rewarding multiplayer component

The Bad

Stealth play is really boring in single-player
Predictable campaign

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Modern Warfare 3

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I just got it yesterday. Not happy with a few things :
- The Menu GUI looks as if a noob team made it.
- In multiplayer, you cant see people … as in someone always comes from any direction and guns you down. In MW2, you knew of the typical directions people come from.
- Shotgun is now a primary weapon rather than a side weapon
Also, it's awesome on my projector ;)
Also, it's awesome on my projector ;)

Really? I would have thought 4-5 year old graphics, zoomed up large on a projector would show it's age even more.
:D Doesn't seem to alter the immersion of the whole wall being your battlefield, surprisingly!

Besides, playing on my 26" TV takes the wee, especially split screen :(
Not happy with a few things :
- The Menu GUI looks as if a noob team made it.
- In multiplayer, you cant see people … as in someone always comes from any direction and guns you down. In MW2, you knew of the typical directions people come from.

I agree with both of these:
- the menu GUI looks very dated and basic, really needs an upgrade
- Multiplayer spanw points on the smaller maps are ridiculous, I've spawned right next multiple enemy players on numerous occassions and vice versa = very frustrating!!