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Review: Steelseries QcK Limited Edition Gaming Mouse Pad

by Matty Hodgson on 13 July 2010, 13:00 4.0

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This Steelseries mouse mat we have here arrived in a rather different packaging for a mouse mat, placed flat inside a blister packaging, which surprisingly opened easily, with a cardboard sleeve wrapped around the corner.

This packaging is also reusable which is good, increasing resale value and making it much easier to transport about.

All the specs and descriptions are on the packaging along with some cool photos.

The Mouse Pad:

Looking for a medium sized, well priced and comfortable mouse mat? This may well be for you.

This StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty edition mouse mat is actually quite good looking. There's a row of heavily armoured men set to shoot something to pieces and a huge explosion going off in the background. The orange colour also looks great with the gun-metal grey border and the blue StarCraft logo.

Looks isn’t where this mouse mat stops doing well though; it also performs very well.

The size of this mat is good, measuring in at 320 x 270mm, making it suitable for all but the smallest desks. The thickness is also quite deceiving, it’s only 2mm in thickness but gives a very smooth surface for your mouse, more so than most other mats I’ve used. This mat also comes in a variety of other sizes ranging from 250 x 210mm all the way up to 450 x 400mm.

The performance of this mouse mat is good if you use medium to high DPI settings on your mouse, but if you’re going to be using very low DPI settings (400 or lower) then this mouse mat really starts to falter, barely picking up any movement at all; probably due to the very finely woven surface Steelseries have used.

The glide and feel from this mouse mat is amazing, you feel your mouse moving but it’s silent because of the type of surface they’ve used. The mat also grips the desk very well, never moving under any kind of pressure due to its very grippy rubber bottom.

Pricing is brilliant on this, coming in at around £13 on Scan, making this one of the cheapest gaming mats I’ve used to date.

I feel it’s also worth mentioning that this mat comes with a different photo printed on the front for the same price; or you can get the same mouse mat in a no-frills black colour.

Overall, this is a well rounded, extremely well priced mouse mat with very good performance unless you’re using a low DPI setting. I could definitely recommend this mat to others, especially considering the price.

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