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E3 – 2006 : Preview :: First Wii Title to be METAL SLUG ANTHOLOGY

by Nick Haywood on 3 May 2006, 09:36

Tags: Metal Slug Anthology (Wii), Nintendo (TYO:7974), FPS

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SNK PLAYMORE to Publish For Nintendo's Wii and Nintendo DS

SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION, the US publishing arm of the SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION, announced today that the company will develop games for Nintendo's new home system,- Wii (formally code named Revolution) and for the Nintendo DS handheld system.

To gamers worldwide, the METAL SLUG franchise is known as one of the greatest action arcade series of all time. First introduced in 1996, METAL SLUG and its sequels have achieved massive popularity with arcade gamers due to the series' highly detailed animations, impressive backdrops, and consistent sense of humor. This will be a full arcade collection including many additional surprises.

"Fans worldwide have been looking forward to our return to Nintendo platforms and what better way then to bring our complete METAL SLUG arcade collection to Wii. Additionally we enter the Nintendo DS category with our SNK VS CAPCOM CARD FIGHTERS DS game that will match the dual screen format to a great game" said Ben Herman, President of SNK PLAYMORE USA CORPORATION. "The Wii controller will be used in a new and unique way that enhances the gameplay. Our fans have demanded that we support Nintendo platforms. Let the celebration begin".

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