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Pro Evolution Soccer(PES) 2008: A word of warning - Xbox 360/PS3

by Steven Williamson on 30 August 2007, 13:28

Tags: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008, Konami (TYO:9766), Xbox 360, PSP, DS, PS3, Sports

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Games Convention 2007 On occasions, I can get unnecessarily aggressive when I'm playing a football videogame, especially if the person who I'm playing against scores the same goals over and over by using the same techniques and tactics. Thankfully, due to better physics engines and improved AI, Pro Evo and FIFA have managed to iron out the majority of these scenarios and my blood pressure has seen a decrease in recent years as a result. But, after playing my first two matches on the new Pro Evolution soccer game at the Games Convention last week, I'm extremely worried that my frustrations may boil over once more unless preventive measures are put in place to stop players diving in order to push a match in their favour.

In PES2008 there is the introduction of a brand new tactic of being able to execute a fake dive (watch Ronaldo on Match of the Day for tips on how to perfect your dive). In the first game I played, this resulted in three penalties being awarded to my opponent – for blatantly cheating! I understand diving is a tactic that players use in the real world of football and some would argue that it will give the game a more realistic feel, but personally I found it extremely irritating. If you can't beat them, join them you may think. Well, I did. But, when I tried the diving tactic for myself the referee gave me the red card! The cheek of it!

So, it appears that diving will be an extreme gamble in PES2008, something to use as a last resort should you be a couple of goals down with only 10 minutes left on the clock perhaps, but still, if this type of foul play doesn't go your way and the referee turns a blind eye to the opposition's foul play, but seemingly watches you like a hawk like he did in my first PES2008 experience, then there's going to be some angry gamers online this year exchanging some severe verbal blows; and I'll be one of them. Bizarrely though, I can't wait! Bring it on!

In all seriousness, PES2008 looks and plays better than ever before, but there must be an option in game to turn off diving when the game is released.

This new diving tactic has also caused a bit of debate amongst friends and long term fans of the Pro Evo series, who have long thought that the game is the best and most true to life footballing experience in a videogame. That debate revolves around the question that, while FIFA and the FA are actively trying to discourage diving in the real world of football, should Konami have included this under-handed diving tactic in their extremely popular football series? Are they not actively encouraging our future footballers to use these dirty tactics? Or are these people being far too over sensitive, after all it's just a game?

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