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Be a real life Guitar Hero at Download Festival

by Steven Williamson on 29 May 2007, 10:30

Tags: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, Activision (NASDAQ:ATVI), Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

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Play in front of thousands of fans

Guitar Hero players will be offered a unique opportunity to play to the same crowds as Iron Maiden, My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park as RedOctane teams up with 2007's Download Festival to create the greatest gaming stage ever.

Download Festival is being held at Donington Park, Castle Donington, on June 8th, 9th & 10th 2007 and Guitar Hero performances will take place on the Third Stage every night from Thursday 7th June through until June 10th, between 10:00pm and midnight.

These two-hour sessions will over Guitar Hero players the opportunity to perform in front of up to 3,000 moshing fans, and genuinely experience what it's like to be a rock star. Last year saw some incredible performances, complete with actual moshing, and a storm of water bottles. That the liquid was clear shows how much the crowd appreciated the awesome talent on display, and it's hoped that this year's acts will take things to a whole new level.

Each night's best performer – as voted for by the crowd – will pick up a brand new Epiphone Les Paul courtesy of our friends at Epiphone, and the enduring respect of the rockiest festival in the world.

Individuals or double acts can perform on stage, using the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero II and its the game's distinctive X-Plorer controllers. Performers will be able to pick from Guitar Hero II’s 40 licensed songs along with the track packs which have been made available on the Xbox Live Marketplace.

"Donington Park has been home to some of the greatest rock performances of all time, and we're delighted to be able to offer Guitar Hero players the greatest stage of them all at Download 2007," says Simon Byron, organiser, Guitar Hero at Download. "Guitar Hero has always been about becoming a rock star – those attending Download Festival have the opportunity to take that to another level and perform in front of up to 3,000 fans."

Limited spaces will be allocated on a first come, first served basis – email: guitarhero@bhpr.co.uk. Alternatively, head to the Third Stage on the night and we'll do our best to get you up and rocking.

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hahaha, SO SAD
Me n a mate will be signing on for that I think :rockon:
Me n a mate will be signing on for that I think :rockon:

ahh now THATS the spirit :)
hahaha, SO SAD
no it's not….its cool.

To perform ANYthing infront of 3000 people is uber brave.

To perform anything as hard as Guitar Hero live is cooler than a penguins arse :)
Me n a mate will be signing on for that I think :rockon:

Let us know if you do it! Get some pics as well, if you get the chance.