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Metal Gear Solid Rising not until 2012

by Steven Williamson on 8 November 2010, 13:32

Tags: Konami (TYO:9766), Action/Adventure

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Gamers keen to get their hands on Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which made headlines due to Konami's decision to move away from PlayStation exclusivity and also develop it for the Xbox 360, are going to have to wait a little longer to get their Hideo Kojima fix. Originally slated for a 2011, the action adventure has now been pushed back to 2012.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising is set between the second and fourth games in the series and introduces a new "precision slicing" feature that was shown off at E3 this year, where the first trailer showcased Raiden chopping a watermelon in half with extreme precision, better than any greengrocer we've ever seen. The slice and dice mechanic would be perfect for PlayStation Move and Kinect implementation, but so far Konami hasn't announced the feature.

Now that the date has been pushed back, we'd expect that news to arrive at E3 2011.

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It's set between the second and fourth game. ;)