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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - PC, Xbox 360, PS3

by Steven Williamson on 18 March 2008, 09:11

Tags: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:EA), PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Strategy

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Due for release in 2008

In Red Alert 3, the desperate leadership of a doomed Soviet Union travels back in time to change history and restore the glory of Mother Russia. The time travel mission goes awry, creating an alternate timeline where technology has followed an entirely different evolution, a new superpower has been thrust on to the world stage, and World War III is raging.

The Empire of the Rising Sun has risen in the East, making World War III a three-way struggle between the Soviets, the Allies, and the Empire with armies fielding wacky and wonderful weapons and technologies like Tesla coils, heavily armed War Blimps, teleportation, armored bears, intelligent dolphins, floating island fortresses, and transforming tanks.

Check out these brand new screenshots.

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A release date has yet to be confirmed.

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fab - thanks - looks rather nice!

I just hope they let us zoom out enough - C&C3 is almost claustrophobic (for no apparent reason).

Can't wait :)
oooo yey!
will they be using DX10 like they did on CNC3?
the fire and smoke on that is very good.
looks to be a very nice game. but wouldn't all the little fishies get fried with that lightning attack from that Soviet ship?
oooh superb, can't wait for this!
Ohh tesla ships.

Now I want a copy.