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Nintendo plan new channel for Wii - Can't we have some decent games instead?

by Steven Williamson on 12 March 2007, 09:35

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Three months on and I'm still waiting for something decent to play on Wii. Okay, so Zelda: Twilight Princess was a great adventure, but I finished that in the first week and the action titles such as Excite Truck, Call of Duty 3, Red Steel and Need 4 Speed Carbon have been totally underwhelming. The novelty games such as Wii sports and Wario Ware : Smooth Moves are okay for short bursts of fun with friends, but have no long lasting appeal.

The list of games coming out in the UK over the next couple of months is somewhat disappointing with only Super Mario 8 being the game that I'll consider buying. But, in addition to the recent launch of the news, weather and voting channels Nintendo has confirmed that we'll be getting a new channel to keep us busy whilst we wait for the likes of Mario Galaxy.

At the Game Developer's Conference, Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed that they are working on a new Mii channel that will focus on the Mii avatars.

"Today people are so taken with the Miis around the world. I'm working on a new Mii channel," said Miyamoto. "With this channel we are going to let people compare the Miis they created in a popularity contest. And you will be allowed to do this with people from around the world."

A Mii popularity contest?!? Sounds fun, for a while.

Don't get me wrong, I do love Wii and can't wait to see an influx of innovative games over the next few years, but aside from the odd Saturday night when friends come round for a spot of Wii Sports action, my console has been gathering dust for the last couple of months.

Source :: Kotaku

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haha wow… thats something, no really… no really!
my console has been gathering dust for the last couple of months.
Mine also, I think my mother and father have actually overtaken me on hours racked up on it :)
Metroid and Mario Galaxy also Wii Fit. Ye of little faith have patience!
yes wii need some decent games…..some good first person perspective games like FPS and Boxing…

and games with true 1 to 1 mapping
and for FPS games, true independ moving (analogy stick), looking (nunchuk acceleromater) and aiming (wiimote)….