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Wii demo downloads whilst you sleep

by Steven Williamson on 6 June 2006, 09:11

Tags: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo (TYO:7974), Wii

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Wii’s online service is called WiiConnect24, and, at E3, Iwata used Animal Crossing to emphasise that the console will be connected to the internet 24 hours a day – saying that players will be able to visit each other’s villages even when the owner is not at their console.

In an interview with Japanese tech site, Tech On, Satoru Iwata, CEO of Nintendo has shed some further light on Wii’s online capabilities.
I'll give you a specific example we are planning for. Let's say your Wii is connected to the Internet in a mode that allows activation on a 24-hour basis. This would allow Nintendo to send monthly promotional demos for the DS, during the night, to the Wii consoles in each household. Users would wake up each morning, find the LED lamp on their Wii flashing, and know that Nintendo has sent them something. They would then be able to download the promotional demo from their Wii's to their Nintendo DS's. This will, of course, be possible in gaming stores too, but I think users will enjoy being able to do this within their homes. The key merit here is having promotional material delivered to your home, instead of having to go collect it yourself.
Wii online will work in the same way as the current DS Wi-Fi service, and will mean a return for the rather unappealing friend’s code system - where you need to input a code into each game for each of your friends. This rather laboured way of meeting with pals online should hopefully be improved by the time Wii launches later this year.

Read the full interview at : Tech On!

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no mention on actually being able to disable it!

wtf, so, basically, they will be sending ads to you while you sleep….
you can just turn the console off, surely?
you can just turn the console off, surely?

Maybe you can't - maybe it's all part of Nintendo's Big Plan :)
you can just turn the console off, surely?
I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.
haha :D

Well its settled then, Im putting my Wii in a cage.