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Wii launch date on NES anniversary - October 18th?

by Steven Williamson on 23 May 2006, 11:10

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The guys at Orange lounge radio have made a few interesting discoveries whilst investigating the potential launch date of Wii. On their latest podcast, presenter Rob Roberts speaks to a regular guest who works in the distribution industry. He claims that they've had confirmation of launch dates for a number of Wii titles.

According to the show, two Wii titles have an October 18th launch date. This date coincides with the anniversary of the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the U.S, so could be the date Nintendo have in mind.

The launch date however does not tie up with the discovery that Kotaku made at E3. They discovered a Madden 2007 place mat with a launch date of August 30th.

Roberts may have hit the nail on the head when he suggested that there may be a late summer launch date, followed by the launch of the NES retro download service on October 18th. Speculate away!

Source: Orange lounge radio

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Wow!! If it came out on that day, it would be my birthday!!!!
You have a seriously cool b'day dude :P

Sounds quite plausible that Ninty would do that.