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E3 - 2006 : LIVE :: Nintendo conference uncovers Wii sports and more

by Steven Williamson on 9 May 2006, 18:47

Tags: Nintendo Wii, Nintendo (TYO:7974), Wii

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HEXUS.E3 The Nintendo conference has just finished, and it was nowhere near as boring as the Sony conference yesterday, even the request for everyone to turn off their Bluetooth devices sent a ripple of excitement throughout the crowd - apparently they could interfere with the Wii controller.

As Miyamoto took to the stage in a tuxedo, looking like he'd just arrived from picking up an an Oscar, the presentation began. Miyamoto spectacularly conducted a musical melody using the Wii controller, while the on screen characters moved in time to the rhythm.

After a brief demo of Red Steel, which looks extremely well polished, Reggie Fils-Aime took the stage and said. "If all you want is next-generation, you're in the wrong place. It's not just next, it's what's absolutely new." How right you are Reggie, tell us more!

A number of demos were shown back to back and included Metroid Prime 3, Elebits, Mario, and Zelda Twilight Princess. The demos were conducted with the Wii controller. It shoots, hits balls, works as a sword - and even a bow and arrow in Zelda. Phew, this Wii controller is going to wear us out! Graphically Zelda looks by far the best game that were shown and, although some of the other games' graphics didn't blow me away, they all captured my interest. The qualiity, variation and quirkiness of the demos on show are a refreshing change from some of the demos at Sony's conference yesterday. Reggie finished his speech by telling us that, "everybody will realise the power of Wii after today".

He emphasised that Nintendo isn't all about graphics but then began a demo of the fantastic-looking Zelda Twilight Princess. The Wii contoller has an embedded speaker through which you'll hear those familiar Zelda chimes ringing out. It was a shame that the Zelda demo had to come to an end because I could have watched it all day - Reggie even teased the crowd by not entering a certain area of the level as it is secret! And he told us that there will be two versions of Zelda, one for the Gamecube and one for Wii.

As the Zelda demo ended, the excitement continued with talk of how Mario will utilise the new controller and talk of more new games including Madden and Hyper Sonic.

Next up was a presentation from Ubisoft on Red Steel, a launch title and one of the more attractive Revolution titles. It looks a violent game and is a sign that Nintendo are not just focusing on the kids. The game demonstrated how the Nunchack controller and the Wii controller work together in moving your on-screen character. The controls appeared extremely responsive to hand movements.

Reggie then introduced George Harrison to talk about the Nintendo DS and the sales figures - apparently 16 milion sold worldwide - and revealed a number of new games including Starfox and Diddy Kong racing.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata took the stage and told us that their goal is, "to expand the number of people who play games". He talked about 'Wii Connect24', which will allow your console to have a constant connection to the internet, allowing for updates and game downloads to occur at any time. He also told us about Wii Sports (yep you read correctly), where gamers will be able to play a variety of sports games using the innovative controller.

The controller was demonstrated to magnificent effect with a fantastic tennis game and a rather bemused-looking guy was dragged up to participate (lucky man!). Every physical aspect of playing tennis, bar running around a court, is visible. This is going to be a great way to work out.

I feel the power of Wii!

But, still no price from Nintendo. Will we hear more? Stay tuned.

A more detailed look at the Nintendo conference will follow.


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The speaker in the controller sounds very cool. Also they showed Pilotwings and Diddy Kong racing, 2 of my favorite games from the N64. Just a shame they didn't announce release date or price With Zelda launching with the console i think the big N will sell lots of unit come the end of the year.
That was awesome. Even beats 2004 for awesomeness.

The tennis game was just amazing, partly for the participants (Shigsy, Reggie and Iwata) and partly for the game.

Wario ware on Wii should rock.
That was awesome. Even beats 2004 for awesomeness.

The tennis game was just amazing, partly for the participants (Shigsy, Reggie and Iwata) and partly for the game.

Wario ware on Wii should rock.

The tennis game was my favourite part, it looked like the jacket was restricting Myamoto's back hand.
definently getting the wii, looks like fun :D

wasn't too impressed with the ps3.
That tennis match made me laugh, the guy who“won” the competition was so shocked!!
positioned perfectly, a short walk from the stage, end of aisle seat!!