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EA to support the Nintendo Revolution

by Steven Williamson on 10 January 2006, 10:08

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EA show support for Revolution

During the 33rd Annual UBS Global Media Conference,Nintendo's American Vice President of Sales and Marketing Reggie Fils-Aime has revealed that Electronic Arts will support the next-gen console. More and more developers and publishers are jumping on board to add further weight to Nintendo's machine.

EA have published some of the most notable and popular titles in videogame history, including the successful NBA and FIFA series and the James Bond and Lord Of the Ring franchises.

IGN have stated that EA had the following statement to make on the Revolution and its controller:

"It's a brilliant controller, and as usual we can credit Nintendo with being innovative and neat and fresh and fun. They continue to pioneer in our industry…they make some of the best games in the industry…and we look forward to partnering with them."

We shoud expect an announcement on EA's first titles at the Electronics Entertainment Expo 2006 in May 2006.