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New Super Mario Bros - Wii

by Steven Williamson on 10 June 2009, 10:45

Tags: New Super Mario Bros. (Wii), Nintendo (TYO:7974), Wii, Action/Adventure

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For the first time in the history of the franchise, the new Super Mario Bros. game will feature a simultaneous multiplayer experience.

Players will be able to navigate the side-scrolling worlds alone as before or invite up to three others to join them at the same time at any point in the game for competitive and cooperative multiplayer fun.

Few details have been revealed as yet, but we do know that Mario, Luigi and two Toads are all playable characters, while many others from the Mushroom Kingdom make appearances throughout the game. Players can even ride different Yoshi characters and use their tongues to swallow enemies – or their fellow players. In some areas, players use the motion abilities of the Wii Remote controller, for example, the first player to reach a seesaw might make it tilt to help his or her character reach a higher platform – and then tilt it incorrectly just to mess with other players.

New items include the propeller suit, which will shoot players high into the sky with just a shake of the Wii Remote and Mario’s new ability to transform into Penguin Mario.

At the end of each stage during the simultaneous multiplayer mode, players are ranked based on their score, the coins collected and the number of enemies defeated.

That's all for now, check out these screenshots...

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This is what we want, simple 80's games revised for the modern age but still simple and plain fun.

Mario on the DS is a fantastic game, simple again…

Mario Karts, Simple again…

Simple is good.