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Nintendo urgently working on Wii storage solution

by Steven Williamson on 24 July 2008, 10:13

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Nintendo's community have been pretty vocal on the issue of lack of storage provided by Wii. With just a 512MB flash drive to store your Virtual Console titles and game saves, the space just isn't big enough.

Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime believes that the issue has now hit the mainstream and has assured Wii owners that the company is working urgently on a solution.

"We have said publicly that we're looking hard at the storage situation, that we're working on a range of solutions. We have nothing to announce now. But certainly it's an issue we are aware of and we're working to find a solution and we will," said Fils-Aime.

"We have a consumer base who loves Virtual Console. We have a user-base who really is enjoying WiiWare content. So for us really our challenge really is how do we satisfy all these consumers who are loving all of the product we make available on a download basis?"

You can currently store up to 2GB on extra data on an SD card, but with the list of Virtual console games growing by the week, an external HDD or the ability to use a larger capacity SD card would be a welcome solution.

Source :: MTV Blog

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About time really. We mainly us the VC games on the Wii at the minute and with just a few games downloaded the blocks on the main memory are starting o get a little short. Trouble with the SD cards is that you can't actually format them on the Wii
Might finally make one worth getting
is this the same problem they said a month ago they weren't working on because only “geeks & otaku” care about it?
and the article misses one point about SD cards - they cannot be an “active” filesystem - you can only run downloaded apps from the local storage, the SD card is used for backups only