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Wii compilation brings together 16 SNK classics

by Steven Williamson on 12 June 2008, 16:15

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SNK PLAYMORE has confirmed SNK Arcade Classics Volume 1 will be released on Wii this Autumn, which will include 16 classic titles from the company's back catalogue of games.

Take a deep breath, here's the list:

ART OF FIGHTING – The first fighting game to introduce the then new Spirit Gauge, Super Special Moves, use of the ‘zoom in/zoom out’ function and battle damage to the characters faces.
- BASEBALL STARS 2 – The sequel to the very popular Baseball arcade game.
- BURNING FIGHT – Battle organised crime in the streets of New York in the side-scrolling fighter.
- FATAL FURY – The first of SNK’s fighting franchises to use the NEOGEO MVS System.
- KING OF THE FIGHTERS ’94 – This is where the KOF phenomenon began.
- KING OF THE MONSTERS – Giant monsters, Destruction and mayhem in Japan.
- LAST RESORT – Take on hordes of enemies in the popular futuristic shooter.
- MAGICIAN LORD – SNK’s classic platformer, pits you as the heroic wizard Elta.
- METAL SLUG - this series has long been regarded as the bench mark of side-scrolling purity, now see why!
- NEO TURF MASTERS – Can you get a hole in one?
- SAMURAI SHODOWN – The first title in SNK’s hugely popular weapons based fighter.
- SENGOKU – Fight the undead, in feudal Japan.
- SHOCK TROOPERS – Fast paced action and lots and lots of bullets in this run and gun adventure.
- SUPER SIDEKICKS 3 – We all love football – so does SNK!
- TOP HUNTER – In this futuristic platformer, you play as Roddy or Cathy, as you protect the Colonists from the threat of the Space Pirates.
- WORLD HEROES – Take on the greatest fighters throughout time in this popular fighter.

SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 will also be released on PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable.

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Doesn't look like too many classics to me!
I can spot 5 that I used to love playing on, surely classics!

Now how many incarnations does Metal Slug need on the Wii?
Wouldn't many of these games be available to download via the Virtual Console?