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Sony publishes video showing off the PlayStation 4 interface

by Mark Tyson on 20 June 2013, 06:00

Tags: PlayStation

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Sony has just published a YouTube video demonstrating some aspects of the user interface on the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console. The video shows some of the new features we are expecting on the PS4 including some practical gaming uses of the brand new Social button on the Dual Shock 4 controller.

The video makes the whole PS4 UI and operability look very slick but it’s pretty difficult to know when, for example, some time has been cut from certain operations in the video editing.

Help from friends

Sony’s UI demonstration video starts with a ‘Will’ turning on his PS4. He sees a message on his home screen that his friend ‘Sarah’ has defeated a boss in a game called Knack. He has a quick go at the game but finding it hard to beat ‘Gundahar’ he gets a hint of how to complete it from a video that Sarah shared of her boss-killing skills.

Download part prioritisation

A little later, engrossed in Knack gameplay another friend voice messages him “Hey Will, Dyno here, come and play Killzone”. Now Sony shows off the quick and easy game ordering system. Will chooses the option to “Download Multi-player Mode First” so he can join in the shooting fun with his online pal. There’s also an option to try a free demo of the game. The Killzone download completes but Will quickly responds to an onscreen message from Sarah before joining the battle with Dyno (Brian). Again video sharing from his friend shows Will how to play better in the game.

Smartphone shopping

Later, when Sarah is away from her console, she decides to also buy Killzone. Using her smartphone she purchases the game and her online friends see this purchase logged on the PS4 homescreen interface. The game may well be full downloaded and ready to play when she gets back home, depending upon her internet connection.

Overall it’s an interesting video and the quick switching interface and social aspects look like they might help your games be more fun.

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Nah, I'll stick to my OP PC
Too much social integration.
The thing that completely threw me out of the realism of the video was the line “Do you want to join my clan” as a pick up line, if that ever worked for anyone I'll be amazed!

On a more serious note, to me it looked like a mix between MS's Tiles and Steam's Community page. which might sound like criticism, but I didn't mind it that much, looks passable.
Anything is better than the XMB.
Terrible video - lines like ‘Dude, I don’t got that', really don't help!