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UK punters get first chance to go hands on with Sony PS3

by Bob Crabtree on 7 November 2006, 12:13

Tags: Sony (NYSE:SNE)

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Last weekend's What Hi-Fi? and Best of Stuff show at the Novotel hotel in London scored something of a coup with the first UK public showing of working Sony PS3 games consoles.

Three PS3s were set up in a lobby and a fourth was in a display case near by, marked up as Stuff's No.1 product. The PS3 Zone was far and away the busiest part of what was quite a busy show, with queues forming throughout to go hands-on with Sony's much anticipated, but seriously overdue, console, which now won't be available in the UK until March.

Keep an eye on the front page for more coverage from the show.

Click any of the images below for a larger version.

PS3 Zone at Stuff show

PS3 Zone at Stuff show

PS3 under glass at Stuff show

PS3 under glass at Stuff show

PS3 under glass at Stuff show

PS3 on display at Stuff show

Given the massive interest shown in PS3, we find it rather depressing and more than a bit worrying that Sony's on-CD press pack for the show has not a word about the PS3's first UK public outing or, indeed, about anything to do with PS3.

We'd have thought the company would have been desperate for good-news stories given the serious stick it's been receiving non-stop in the media over the delays and pricing of PS3 consoles and Blu-ray Disc hardware and because it's having to replace close to 10 million lithium-ion batteries for laptop PC makers worldwide.

So much for joined up Sony thinking. Ho hum.

Did you manage to get along to the show and go hands-on with a PS3? If so, we'd be pleased to hear what you thought of the experience in this thread in the forum. 

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