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PS3 online gaming will be free

by Steven Williamson on 19 May 2006, 09:10

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PS3 online

Sony have quashed rumours that the online gaming aspect of the PS3's live service will cost to play , it will in fact be totally free.

A Sony Computer Entertainment America PR Manager had this to say: "Please note that online gaming will be free right out of the box."

Code-named the PlayStation Network Platform, the PS3 online service is said to be similar to Xbox live.

The Xbox live service wiped the floor with Sony’s under par online service for the PS2. Whilst Microsoft have a unified, subscription-based online service, the PS2 online service is run on third-party servers. This results in lag whenever there is a slow connection. The PS3 live service however should be Worlds apart from PS2 online gaming.

Although online gaming on the PS3 will be free, gamers will still be charged for downloading extra content or subscribing to MMO's.

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That will make some of the larger software companies happy. While Sony may not charge you to play through their network it wouldn't surprise me if we see some companies trying to charge. Only time will tell.
I'm really looking forward to seeing Sony's online capabilities.

I have an XBOX360, and I personally find that XBOX Live is the bees knees, quite frankly.
It is by far the best online gaming platform available, however, it doesn't have much competition.

It'll be interesting to see how Sony compete, and if they can keep up with the infrastructure that MS already have in place.
Competition can only be a good thing!
its about time that a console company realised that people who currently game on PC arnt going to like paying for an online service…