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PS3 hackers threaten to ruin Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare multiplayer

by Steven Williamson on 3 August 2009, 13:16

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According to a thread on the official Infinity Ward forums, the online multiplayer component of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare on PS3 is being overrun by hackers, who are ruining the experience of gamers trying to play by the rules.

Videos have appeared on YouTube showing gamers how they can exploit Call of Duty 4 to make their soldier fly and walk through buildings, thus giving them an edge over the competition. The numerous hacks, which also include unlimited ammunition and no reloads, have become so widespread that Infinity Ward forum moderators have taken action and sent an email to the developers on behalf of the disgruntled community in the hope that it will take immediate action.

Infinity Ward's community moderator has posted the email that he sent to Infinify Ward in its entirety on the forums. It reads:

Greetings Rob and/or IW Staff,

We seem to have a serious problem mounting on the PS3 side of things. We have had numerous reports from our users that their version of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare has been hacked and modified by shady individuals there. Since the issue was brought to my attention I and the PS3 Moderators, CoBezy_Brennan and thebigb82, have met and have created a sticky thread to centralize and contain the issue. That thread can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=9&t=63484. With that stated some of our more helpful users have created various threads intended to do the same. To attempt to get the PS3 forum back on track the threads have since been locked. However though their value as reference material is substantial. The two more posted threads will be linked as follows.



With that stated the PS3 community is obvious enraged however though moderator intervention has somewhat quelled the issue on the IWF. Links to YouTube videos have been posted to show modders performing these acts. They are linked as follows.

Videos removed as they show how to mod the PS3.

Apparently the new hacks are for flying (no clip), no reloads (endless supply of ammunition), god mode, laser sights and the ability to move through buildings. More mods may or may not exist at this time however. This is apparently devastating the community and is rampant. However I, the writer of this email, personally cannot attest to that situation as I do not own a PS3. The videos though do indeed show the destructive capability of the mod/modders and I believe the situation to hold true. The most affected game modes seem to be Search and Destroy but were reported to be in all gametypes. Hopefully something can be done to address this issue.

Thank you for taking the time to watch these videos read the threads and address this issue.


The Moderation Team

Infinity Ward has responded to the escalating issue in a tweet. "Thanks for all the feedback from our COD4 PS3 users. We hear you loud and clear and are investigating the glitchers," reads the brief statement.

If the issue isn't addressed at least gamers won't have to wait too long to the next instalment in the series. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is due for release on November 10.

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Sorry had to be done, now the argument for pc being full of hackers is flawed! Look at CSS is fine, ive played it for more than a year ive only seen a max of 5 hackers!.

Sorry had to be done, now the argument for pc being full of hackers is a lie! Look at CSS is fine, over more than a year ive only seen a max of 5 hackers!.

TBF, I admin a couple of CSS servers, and there ARE plenty out there. But at least they are not blatent hackers.
Its not just PS3… one of the people i used to play with on COD4 on my 360 came online last night to show me his new “toy” and he proceeded to fly around the map whilst i was playing team deathmatch… while most of my team was busy shooting at him in the sky (whilst he couldnt actually be hurt) the rest of his team decided they'd kick the crap out of us….

needless to say i wasnt impressed and after he left i kicked the other teams ass royally… but i have seen a major increase in glitchers…

after having got a gold cross level 55 without cheating at all… and well on my way to having all the gold guns without cheating in 1vs1… this kind of action is definately de-moralising!
I played last 3 days and was so disgusted and disappointed that I sold my copy of COD4 on PS3 and even sent it out today!
I'm seeing it more and more lately on the 360. Lets just hope they release a patch for it soon but in the mean time make a habit out of filing complaints against people doing it and give them bad rep to lower your chances of playing with them again (don't know how things work on ps3). Can this be done in COD 5 too, since it uses the same engine?