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Sony plan PlayStation Home update

by Steven Williamson on 5 March 2009, 12:16

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If you've been waiting patiently for some cool stuff to arrive on PlayStation Home, you may be glad to hear that Sony has plans to release new content very soon.

The Home Community Manager has made a post on the official forums stating that the following content is imminent, including an update to the Home Square.

Coming soon

Street Fighter IV
The unlockable items are already available in Home and are rewarded for winning online matches in the game.
Purchasable outfits will be available within a few weeks.

Home Square
A slightly updated Home Square will arrive in early March, possibly as early as the 5th.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Space
This is currently being worked on and we hope to release this for you within a few weeks

This Space is also nearly ready but a specific date for its release is not yet available, but we are expecting it within a few weeks.

Siren: Blood Curse & Resident Evil 5, Warhawk
Content for all of these have arrived here and are being prepared for SCEE's audience now. We will bring you more information on these as it becomes available.

Game Launching
Many titles are preparing support for Game Launching but this often requires a patch to their title. It is not our intention to be announcing new releases and patches to other titles here in the Home community but hope to bring you news in the coming weeks.

Music within Home
Playing your own music to others within Home is an extremely complex licensing issue that will take time to solve, if it is at all possible. In the meantime we are investigating various ways of allowing you to play your own music to yourself. We are also talking to other 3rd parties about making their music available to you in various ways.

Playstation Home is currently in its beta phase and will be getting further support from a number of high profile third party publishers and developers.

Sony Japan has recently confirmed that 24 companies have been granted licenses to produce content for Playstation Home, including Activision, Konami and Ubisoft.

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Well went in today, Capcom have a Resident Evil 5 area, the Square has been updated with some helicopter type game thing. Oh and you can also buy some Street Fighter 4 character costumes from the Threads store. 4 parts, each costing 0.79p.