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New PS3 controller - Wii-mote with a Nunchuck on the end

by Steven Williamson on 3 November 2008, 09:16

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Earlier this year, it was rumoured that Sony was working on on a new PS3 controller that will break apart into two pieces, with each section containing an accelerometer that will allow true motion sensing functionality similar to that experienced on Wii.

The official patent has now been spotted confirming what the newfangled controller will look like and revealing that it will utiltise a"hybrid video capture and ultrasonic tracking system".

The patent continues...

"The captured video information is used to identify a horizontal and vertical position for each controller within a capture area. The ultrasonic tracking system analyses sound communications to determine the distances between the game system and each controller and to determine the distances among the controllers."

Just because Sony has filed the patent doesn't mean that the product will ever meet the light of day, but a motion-sensing controller for PS3 seems to be the next logical step.

Doesn't it look like a wonky Wii-mote with a Nunchuck stuck on the end?

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get ready for 1000 waggle games ps3 owners :D
I will no doubt get slated for this but what the hell!!

i see no point in these motion games or the wii, rather than encourage our children to be fit and exercise we are encouraging them to do it by playing games.

i mean jesus if your a bit of a porker go for a run dont buy a wii fit. in twenty years time GYM'S will be non-existant as everyone will be playing wii gym.
i want to see someone who's lost considerable weight using the Wii
Its quite funny imo that Sony have spent the last couple of years talking about the Wii being a gimmick and a fad and now they are trying to make their own version
I'm starting to hate motion-sensing games. I use my classic controller on Wii at any opportunity.