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Playstation 4 to use existing Playstation 3 architecture

by Steven Williamson on 30 September 2008, 13:39

Tags: PlayStation3, Sony Computers Entertainment Europe (NYSE:SNE), Sony (NYSE:SNE), PS3

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Though the next Playstation model isn't rumoured to be released until 2010, Japanese website, PC Watch reckons that it has information detailing the fact that Sony is looking to reduce costs of developing the hardware by basing the PS4 on the same cell processor as the current Playstation 3 model.

According to the site, Sony is said to be guaging reaction from developers to the cost-saving idea, which if supported, will not only reduce production and development cost, but will also allow Sony to bring the PS4 faster to market.

The Playstation 3 is currently powered by 256mb of GDDR3 RAM and 256mb of XDR at ultra fast speed of 3.2 ghz, but PC Watch believe that Sony is looking at supplying standard JEDEC memory for the PS4 (DDR3 specifically), which should also reduce costs.

If the information is indeed correct, it appears that Sony has learnt a lesson, albeit an expensive one ($3 billion development cost to be precise), from the Playstation 3 and will instead build on what it already has, working instead on technical upgrades to its existing architecture.

Source :: PC Watch

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Makes a lot of sense. Just clock the chip up a bit and it's got more than enough to deal with CPU side of things, especially if we now offload physics etc to the GPU.
Well, the PS2 was slow to take off and the PS3 seems to have a ridiculously slow development cycle…..keeping the PS4 architecture the same might give developers a chance to get their heads around it.

As it is Microsoft are lapping it up as PC <> XBox ports are so cheap and easy to do in comparison to coding anything for PS3.
so the ps4 is a wii?
so the ps4 is a wii?

Basically yep as far as I can tell in the reuse of old architecture, probably going to be a beefed up PS3 like the wii is to the gamecube
I am not sure how this is a surprising news story.

As somebody correct me if I am wrong, but with PC's all you need is a decent dual core CPU, then the GPU controls the PC's performance in games.

So for an increase in games performance once you have a capable dual core CPU all that will be needed is to incrementally increase the graphics card.

So as Sony have a decent multicore CPU in the PS3, why waste money improving on something not needed.

Just throw a ATI-HD4870 in the PS4 and it will be great.