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Exclusive PS3 shooter loaded for May release

by Steven Williamson on 10 April 2008, 13:15

Tags: Haze, PS3, FPS

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Haze ready to roll this summer

The wait is almost over for PS3 gamers keen to get their hands on Free Radical's first person shooter Haze. Ubisoft has finally penciled in a firm release date!

We're assured they'll be no more delays, so the date to enter into your diaries is May 23.

Haze puts players in the boots of a new recruit in the privately run Mantel army.Set in the year 2048 in a world where Governments have outsourced military operations to Private Military Corporations (PMC), you play a newly enlisted soldier seeking fulfillment and thrills by fighting for a good cause.

As the leading PMC, Mantel Global Industries offers a high-tech arsenal of vehicles, deadly weaponry, and on top of that a performance enhancing bio-medical support known as Nectar. As a result, Mantel troopers are the most feared by terrorists, dictators, and the corporation’s political enemies.

Your conflict begins in a war-torn country where you have been sent to fight a vicious rebel faction, the Promise Hand. At first glance, all is well, but things quickly begin to look a little strange…

For more information, check out our hands-on preview of Haze.

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this looked quite impressive at first, but it seems to be getting worse as it gets closer. Have they fixed the ai yet as it looked terrible on gamertv
Guy in the year above @ uni worked on this, he seemed really enthusiastic about it, looks good….guess I will have to wait and see though as I got a 360 not a ps3…
looks like a cheap crysis
Definatly a fake Crysis but im sure it will stilll sell because its on ps3