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No Man's Sky Foundation Update 1.1 released

by Mark Tyson on 28 November 2016, 10:01

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No Man's Sky was one of the most controversial game releases this year. Gamers where whipped up into a frenzy with high expectations for the title which were seemingly dashed by the game, as released, back in August. The game took four years of work to develop but it really needed more time, as a big day one patch has been followed by six more since August, squashing bugs, ironing out wrinkles, and tweaking gameplay. Some fans disappointment with the game was such that they reported the ads to the UK's ASA over misrepresentation.

After the game launched the previously frequent Tweets of Hello Games head Sean Murray completely dried up. At the weekend we heard the 'reason' for the silence... "The discussion around No Man’s Sky since release has been intense and dramatic. We have been quiet, but we are listening and focusing on improving the game that our team loves and feels so passionately about," says a post on the No Man's Sky blog.

Foundation Update 1.1

Hello Games says that immediately after the No Man's Sky release the team worked to fix many of the most common or critical bugs in seven updates across platforms. In the last nine weeks the small development team has been working on development, testing and certification for the Foundation Update.

The Foundation Update is so named for two reasons; it Introduces base building, and is "a foundation for things to come," in terms of it being the first of many gameplay-enhancing experience-building updates.

Base building can commence on any uninhabited base you find, and with the base established you will create your own home planet. To make the most of the base and available resources you can go to a space station and hire farming, engineering, weapons and science specialists. Space stations can facilitate teleportation straight to your base. Bases can be packed up and moved if you find a new preferable location later.

The Foundation Update 1.1 isn't just about bases there are also updated to general gameplay with three game modes, freighters, new resources and tech types, an improved UI, plus engine changes for motion blur and TAA effects. You can read through the whole host of changes introduced by the update on the dedicated page here. The video embedded below sums up the new Foundation Update in six and a half minutes.

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But is it too little too late or is it just enough to start scabbing the wounds of the early hype train?
I like the idea of the base building, if we can use them to store valuable resources for trading, if it can be expanded and upgraded quite deeply, and if this is developed more in the future where we will be able to defend said bases from attack by building defenses etc. - I may just re-visit this game and start again. It could turn this game right around into something genuinely fun and rewarding to play if done the right way! (It now depends how heavily they will market the updated version of the game, and whether enough people will be willing to give it another chance after how bad the fallout from the initial release was)
Base building can commence on any uninhabited base you find…

I guess we're talking about uninhabited planets?

EDIT: Just checked the NMS page and it *does* say “base”. How odd…

Slightly OT, did anyone pick up NMS in the Steam Autumn Sale?
Slightly OT, did anyone pick up NMS in the Steam Autumn Sale?

No but I got it from green man gaming. Throwing in codes and credit from recent golden joystick awards it was £20 with a free mystery game. Figure £20 is acceptable for a few hours fun. The launch price of £40 was a joke…
It's a good improvement, at least it's made me spend a few more hours in game whereas I had got bored of it before. Inventory management is still a passion though.