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Remedy addressing Quantum Break's multitude of issues on PC

by Mark Tyson on 14 April 2016, 11:01

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Remedy's Quantum Break game on Xbox One and PC has been smashing sales records. It provided the best opening weekend sales for a new Microsoft IP in the history of the Xbox One, and has topped the UK's all-formats chart in its debut week. However in the week or so that has passed since its launch, the game has been seen to have some rather large playability issues, at least on the PC platform.

Yesterday Remedy posted a status update reassuring Quantum Break PC gamers that it is "working diligently with Microsoft Studios," to quash various Windows 10 issues and provide solutions. It apologised for the problems faced by players and promised to do its best to monitor feedback and solve these issues.

The main Quantum Break on Windows 10 issues being worked upon are as follows:

  • Stuttering Frame-Rate / Frame Pacing – fix due soon
  • Windows 10 Performance Issues – working with AMD and Nvidia about this, especially concerning video memory becomes fragmentation
  • Windows 10 Frame Rate Lock – Microsoft will allow the disabling of VSYNC and add support for G-SYNC and FreeSync in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer
  • A quit option will be added to the main menu
  • A fix for the crash-at-launch issue
  • Image quality issues, providing more control and toggles for features like film grain
  • Changing the rendering technique on PCs
  • Fixing Windows Store download issues – this experience is also earmarked to be fixed in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update
  • Cloud save issues.

Remedy asks that PC gamers use the following graphics drivers for now; AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.4.1, or GeForce driver version 362.00 from Nvidia.

Last but not least, in answer to a question over support for SLI or other multi-GPU solutions Remedy makes the following statement "Quantum Break on Windows 10 unfortunately doesn’t support DirectX12 multi-GPU rendering. Due to the engine architecture, the work needed to support multiple GPUs would have been significant and out of scope for Remedy for Quantum Break."

If you got a free code for the PC version of Quantum Break with your Xbox One version pre-order your key should be with you shortly, if you don't have it already.

An interesting video comparing Nvidia and AMD performance in Quantum Break

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So its sold well on the xbox but I don't know any of my PC gamer friends who have touched it on PC as its so broken. I bet the sales for PC haven't broken any records…
I guess this means Microsoft have a lot more work to do on UWP, isn't it meant to make porting things to and from different platforms a breeze?
Hmm.. was looking into buying this as well. Is it like Batman: Arkham Knight bad?
I guess this means Microsoft have a lot more work to do on UWP, isn't it meant to make porting things to and from different platforms a breeze?

It's meant to make porting things easier, certainly, but I guess this just highlights the difference between developing for a locked down hardware specification (consoles) and developing for PC - there are so many more variables on the PC side that it's clearly not just a case of recompiling the same code and rolling out executable. Making it work is really the game developer's responsibility though, not the platform maintainers: MS can provide tools to ease the transition, but even with good tools it's going to be possible to do a bad port…
Out of all the Windows Store items this is the one I'm most tempted by, But being such a restrictive & closed platform I’m trying to stay away. Sorry Mr Microsoft You ant getting any of my money any time soon. Quantum break has some real nice visuals being a Direct X12 game.
The only way i'd buy this is, if at some point there is a windows store discount like they do on = Steam = (or better yet put it on STEAM) or if you could buy the CDkey from else where and use it in the Windows store, which wont happen.