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Wii U exclusive title ZombiU coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One

by Mark Tyson on 31 July 2015, 13:10

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ZombiU was one of the Wii U's 'acclaimed' launch titles in 2012 and has been exclusive to Nintendo's system since that time. Now Ubisoft has announced that it has ported the title over to PC, PS4 and Xbox One and upgraded it for newer generation hardware "to bring gamers to a new level of horror".

Zombi is a first person 'pure survival-horror' game set in a dilapidated, infected London. Players have to survive in the city which is "shrouded in a fog of death". There are thousands of Zombi creatures who have befallen a fate worse than death due to a sinister plague. You will have to combat these ferocious creatures with any means at your disposal.

Ubisoft promises that Zombi provides "a level of horror, chaos and tension" that is the best of the genre. Players survive and scavenge tools, inventory, first aid kits, maps and more to keep in their bug-out-bag. If you die in the game you can start afresh in a new character - but your inventory will be empty - or choose the dangerous path of locating your old corpse to get your bug-out-bag back.

Thanks to the power of the next gen consoles and PC, Zombi expands on the oppressive and intense feeling of the original to produce a game that is "scarier than ever". Interestingly Ubisoft ruled out a ZombiU 2 game for Wii U as it was "not even close," to returning a profit. Perhaps it will do better on PC and rival consoles.

Have any readers enjoyed this game on the Nintendo Wii U and are looking forward to it bringing "a new level of horror" to the PC or the Sony/Microsoft consoles? Zombi will be released on PC (Digital), PS4 and Xbox One on 18th August 2015.

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I really enjoyed Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles on the original Wii, this looks in similar vein. But not sure I'd enjoy this as much without the Wiimote + Gun… that helped the overall experience for me with Resident Evil.
horey shet!!! too bad i can run this game lol
I don't know how this would really feel without the Wii U gamepad. So much of the game experience came from the physicality of the second screen - holding it up to scan for things, or needing to look down at it to manage your inventory without pausing. Moving to buttons removes that visceral part of the experience.
Sadly it's a Ubisoft game so will come stuffed with ridiculous “anti piracy” spyware on the PC.
Sadly it's a Ubisoft game so will come stuffed with ridiculous “anti piracy” spyware on the PC.

The irony being of course that the warez versions actually run better than the paid copies because they circumvent the DRM! :|