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Rock Simulator 2014 jumps to No.9 on Steam Greenlight

by Mark Tyson on 26 June 2014, 15:16

Tags: Valve, PC

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A hot new gaming intellectual property has risen to the surface on Steam Greenlight recently. The game appears to be on a roll and gathering no moss as it has shot up the Steam Greenlight ranking from position #69 to #9 within the last week. This latest PC gaming sensation is called Rock Simulator 2014.

Unlike various other popular 'rock' games titles this one has nothing to do with 'rock music', or any kind of music. Rather, the developers have gone back to basics, the bedrock of rock, and sculpted and chiselled this game to be simply and purely be about the humble geological rock.

The game is described as "a rock enthusiasts dream," and the 3D graphic engine employed allows players to "watch beautiful rocks in any location in the world". Environments such as grass plains and salt flats are mentioned in the promotional game blurb. However at this time we only have three screenshots to show us the overall look of the game. These do show variety though; there's a rock on a parched saltflat kind of surface, this contrasts nicely with another screen showing the rock on lush green grass, a more dramatic scene is presented in the last screen, showing the rock near the precipice of a hill overlooking Nordic style woodland.

This casual RPG simulation is expected to be released as a free-to-play title. Perhaps the developers, Strange Panther Games, hope to make a bit of money from selling DLC packs featuring beautiful locations to make your rock feel at home. Presently the team are looking for a 3D modeller to refine this area of the game.

More screenshots are coming soon, we are told. However we are still awaiting word on when Rock Simulator 2014 will be available to play.

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I would buy it for 50p just for a laugh but I doubt its anything on Goat Sim!
More money than sense springs to mind.
'Coal of Duty'
It could be a very nice educational tool if you could follow the journey of your rock around the Earth as it is broken down and absorbed by living organisms and laid down again to be recycled. A handy chemical composition tracker would be nice to track what elements are accumulating or going missing in real time, in fact it would be cool if it all starts in the formation of the Sun, or even better from the start of the big bang. Why don't they just make a universe simulator? I would buy it!
'Coal of Duty'
*Groans* Still it's better than “Final Foidolite XIV - A Rock Reworked” :P