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Steam VR Beta launched by Valve

by Mark Tyson on 15 January 2014, 11:19

Tags: Valve, PC

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Valve has implemented (beta) VR headset support in the Steam Big Picture mode. The new feature allows users of virtual reality headset peripherals like the Oculus Rift to look around and navigate the Steam UI with their goggles.

The announcement of this beta was made by Joe Ludwig (AKA Programmer Joe) in the Steam Community's SteamVR discussion area. Ludwig explained "As of the most recent Steam Client Beta steam now supports an experimental VR mode. If you own an Oculus Rift dev kit you can try it out by starting Steam with '-vr' on the command line. Then press the Big Picture button to enter Big Picture + VR mode." He also talked users though some other steps concerning the first launch of the VR options.

The use of VR headsets is much more important within the games we play, however having this functionality within the Steam Big Picture UI means that gamers can switch games, going back to the UI, without the inconvenience of having to remove their headsets each time.

To see what navigating the Steam Big Picture UI is like on a VR headset take a view of the video below, uploaded to YouTube by 'Candlejac'.

EuroGamer reports that the Valve Developer Days event starts in Seattle today and it is expected that an internally developed VR headset will be shown off. Also according to Polygon a VR software development kit will be launched for developers offering a standardised way of creating a VR controller friendly interface. I'll update this news with info and videos if any ground-breaking announcements are made.


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Hadn't thought about this. Could be a selling point for Steamboxes to console players who really want the VR experience? Could even have Steambox/Rift bundles.
this is very interesting :D
Must say I'm a little unimpressed, they have to have 3d support for 3d tv's, yes you've got head tracking in there but not doing anything with it, just the interface hovering in empty black space.
They could of bound the cursor to a cross hair centre view point, so you look at the thing you want to select and hit a button on the pad.
Likewise they should of extended the interface area to the left and right, so much space to play with filled with so much nothingness. :(
Nice to see them forward-thinking….although OR needs to gain some momentum. haven't really heard much from them since Carmack took the reigns…
look for ‘crystal cove occulus rift’ to see there track of current development