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Fallout 4 trademark and teaser site hint at game reveal date

by Mark Tyson on 21 November 2013, 16:36

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There are several pointers which seem to indicate game developer Bethesda is preparing for a Fallout 4 announcement on 11th December. A European trademark for the name was recently registered for the Fallout 4 name, apparently by Bethesda's parent company, Zenimax Media Inc. As well as this a teaser site thesurvivor2299.com, which will mean something to fans of the game series, has opened. This cryptic teaser site features a countdown to 11th December, a ‘Vault-Tec’ logo and a repeating message in Morse code!

Oscar Zulu

If the above clues don’t point to an unveil date for a Fallout 4 game then it would have to be a purposeful and cruel red herring attack upon the gaming public. Furthermore the website seems to have developed since it was first seen a few days ago. Reports are that the Morse code message on the site has recently changed. The code has been quickly decoded by Reddit forum users and apparently the on-off audio pulses translate to “CQ CQ CQ DE OZ PSE AS”. Luckily there’s a bit more translation done for us; this in-turn is short hand for “Calling any station, calling any station, calling any station, this is/from Oscar Zulu, Please Stand by”. Fallout Fans will recognise Oscar Zulu as a radio station in a Fallout 3 quest. (Earlier this week the Morse code was reportedly simply transmitting the date: 11/12/13.)

As pointed out by PC Gamer this could be a cunning little tease by Bethesda to warm up the fans of Fallout or it could be a hoax by nerdy ne’er-do-wells similar to the recent EU trademark for Half-Life 3 shenanigans. As usual time will tell but 11th December is less than 3 weeks away...

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I really, really want to believe…
Can. Not. Wait!!!
I'll just wait until Bethesda come out and openly state development in progress, I have bad memories of New Vegas, it was a very buggy game from the start, not to mention having Swine Flu at the time.
If this is real, I can't wait, I could do with a good RPG to test my rig with :D
Found out about this last night on the steam forums.

I really hope this is the case and some future release is pending.

Fingers crosses.