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The Witcher : Action RPG for PC

by Steven Williamson on 19 April 2006, 14:28

Tags: RPG

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Witcher Week starts today!

Scheduled for release in Spring 2007, The Witcher is an action orientated RPG from CD Projekt. You'll be unsurprised to hear that the game will be showcased at E3 in May, but today sees the beginning of 'Witcher Week'. The week, which runs from April 19 to April 26, will reveal daily information and news on the highly anticpated game.

The new information will include screenshots, videos, music and interviews.

The Witcher promises a compelling storyline coupled with real-time combat. The RPG uses a new version of BioWare's Aurora Engine, and promises to be visually stunning.

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Game details

The Witcher puts players in the role of the mysterious and legendary Geralt of Rivia, the most prominent of witchers, a brotherhood of mercenary monster-slayers. Players will embark on an enthralling journey set in the vivid universe created by multi-million-selling author Andrzej Sapkowski; a world in which the lines of good and evil are virtually non-existent. With more than 250 abilities to select, The Witcher features extensive character customization, further enhancing the intense real-time combat system which - coupled with the engaging story based on Sapkowski's books - creates a refreshing modern take on the traditional role-playing genre.

To keep up to date on Witcher Week, visit the website every day:

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I even got a christmas card from them. OK so it arrived some time in January, but still :p