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Team 17 announces Worms: Crazy Golf

by Steven Williamson on 15 August 2011, 12:45

Tags: Strategy

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Worms creator, Team 17 has confirmed the development of a new title in its award-winning real-time strategy series.

Worms Crazy Golf will be set against the backdrop of an 18-hole golf course and is described as “a brazenly bonkers mixture of classic 2D Worms and hilarious eighteen-hole high jinks”.

Alongside the return of some classic features from the Worms universe, including sheep, moles and over-the-top chain reactions, this new title will feature three golf courses and a range of skill-based challenge modes.

Team 17 has also confirmed a four player multiplayer mode and guaranteed plenty of laughs along the way when Worms Crazy Golf launches on PlayStation Network, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and PC later this year.

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…because Android users don't play games… :rant:
yeah where the hell is the android loving :/

Sounds like great fun and perfect for the platform.
Please let the PC version have LAN play
Nice, more worms action!

Still have the original worms on PS1 that gets a play from time-to-time :)
what is the latest worms on the PC ?