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Champions Online free to play from Q1 2011

by Steven Williamson on 27 October 2010, 09:16

Tags: Atari (EPA:ATA), PC, MMOG

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It seems that most MMOs these days end up employing a free-to-play model at some point in their life-line.

Lord of The Rings Online will be free to play shortly, so we hear, and now Atari has confirmed that Cryptic Studios' Champions Online will also suffer the same fate early next year.

Champions Online will be available for free in the first quarter of 2011, though premium content can be purchased at an additional cost, including particular super-hero powers and costumes.

For free, you'll get unlimited playtime, freedom to reach the highest level cap at no cost, and the chance to customise your very own super-hero in an attempt to stop the evil Dr. Destroyer and his minions.

There's a closed beta phase for Champions Online free-to-play kicking off on November 9, 2010, but there will be a small amount of places available for new players.

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Champions Online free just launched.

No point going to the website/forums to find out though - if you didn't know it was launching you'd soon figure it out as the site seems to be overloaded! (for me at least) :p
Pulling it down now but it looks like its using P2P for the download, its pretty slow. Will give it a shot in the morning after the wife drags me out to do the weekly shop. If it aint great going to try EQ2 also. Currently playing Lord of the Rings again so something else to pass the time will be cool.
Website seems to be fine again now. All the Cryptic-Atari stuff is linked these days so sudden surges on Champions has a knock on effect on those of us dealing with TDU2! :p