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Windows Games on Demand to be relaunched

by Pete Mason on 22 October 2010, 16:49

Tags: Games For Windows, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), PC

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Microsoft entered the digital distribution market last year, but has struggled to make much of an impact, even as rivals like Steam and Direct2Drive have gone from strength to strength. The software-giant has been listening to feedback though, and is relaunching the service with some major changes next month.

Whereas the current service is based around the Games for Windows client, the new store - renamed the Games for Windows Marketplace - will be almost completely web based. The only time you'll need to use the client will be to download large files or redownload games. Given how clunky the current system is, and the absurdity of being able to browse, but not purchase, games from the website, this new system seems like it will deliver on Microsoft's promise of a streamlined experience.

Another of the old store's problems was its limited catalogue. However, over the past year the software-giant has slowly been adding third-party games to its library - including many that don't support Games for Windows Live - and the platform will relaunch with over 100 titles. This will include a few exclusives, such as Gears of War and Halo, as well as Fable 3 and Flight once they are released.

While this is still nowhere near the size library's available from the competition, Microsoft is clearly working hard to expand its offerings.

The company is also promising major deals and discounts, that will hopefully allow the revamped service to garner some serious attention - as well as sales.

It's encouraging to see Microsoft sticking with its distribution platform, and though it's unlikely to make the industry heavyweights lose any sleep, it should at least provide a bit of extra competition. Or, at the least, another set of sales and discounts for us to blow our paycheques on.

The new site will launch on November 15 at gamesforwindows.com.

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I've got an open mind after using Windows 7 for the last year and now Windows Phone 7 looking like a proper platform for mobiles.

I need to see what its like but who knows maybe this is Microsoft turning things around, good thing to since its going to help drive down prices and produce innovation for the PC gaming sector which I think it needs.

All we need now is Microsoft to get a proper Tablet platform thats interactable with the desktop OS and they have a full eco system
Why have they made it look like Steam :(
Why have they made it look like Steam :(

Hmmm very steamy.

Im mainly a disc man as most of the time its still cheaper to buy the disc and wait all of 3 days.
Of course you cant beat FREE and thats deffo when I download over buying :)