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Neverwinter RPG announced

by Steven Williamson on 23 August 2010, 17:23

Tags: Atari (EPA:ATA), Action/Adventure

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Atari Europe and Cryptic Studios, the developer behind City of heroes, City of Villains, Champions Online and Star Trek Online, announced today the development of Neverwinter for PC.

Neverwinter is a new online roleplaying game based on Wizards of the Coast’s global property Dungeons & Dragons and the city of Neverwinter.

Once a bustling location, Neverwinter has faced a great many disasters in the past hundred years. Rule of the city remains unclear following the unfortunate demise of the last Lord of Neverwinter and factions still battle for dominance after the all-consuming Spellplague took a high toll on the population. Even Neverwinter’s dead are beginning to rise from their graves and march upon the city they once called home.

In Neverwinter, players choose to become one of five classic D&D classes and team up with friends or computer-controlled allies to form five-person co-op groups. Players also create their own storylines and quests utilizing a content generation system, tentatively codenamed Forge.

Neverwinter for PC is scheduled to release in Q4 2011 and is part of a multi-platform event, including a book trilogy from New York Times best-selling author R. A. Salvatore and a tabletop roleplaying game from Wizards of the Coast. Book one in Salvatore’s Neverwinter trilogy, titled Gauntlgrym, releases on October 5 of this year and lays the groundwork for the Neverwinter storyline. The novel previews the settings, characters and monsters from the PC game and details the events that lead up to this PC gaming experience.

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PS website:
This should be interesting..the two previous Neverwinter games are a couple of my favourites.
Neverwinter and Cryptic? This is going to end well…:eek:
Why oh why did they have to give it to cryptic :( Hardly the best track record imo, but anyway we'll see what they do with it..hopefully they will have learnt from their recent experience with Star Trek: Online…